Superpower Hour

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217 – Superpower Hour: Why Are We Going Remote?

People and companies are going remote for different reasons. This Superpower Hour episode tells the stories of why we go […]

156 – Superpower Hour: Remote Team Management

The number one roadblock I heard time and again in my interviews when asked why companies were not going remote […]

133 – Superpower Hour: Feedback On Virtual Teams

  Feedback is a critical component for continuous improvement on any team. But for remote teams, creating regular feedback loops […]

127 – Superpower Hour: Create Camaraderie Remotely

Being in the same room together is powerful because of all the sensory input that we have. We can see […]

123 – Superpower Hour: What Does Your Virtual Office Look Like?

There are many reasons for working remotely these days that go even beyond personal motives. Due to the recent COVID19 […]

119 – Superpower Hour: Get The Work-Life Balance Right

In order to produce high-quality results, we can’t work 24/7. While it is important to┬átake care of our clients’ needs, […]