Join The Agile Online Summit With Tom Henricksen


Name: Tom Henricksen Talent: Tech leader, speaker, and career coach Based in: Iowa, USA Channel: and   Tom Henricksen is a […]

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Become the CEO of Your Own Life With Beat Buhlmann


Name: Beat Buhlmann Talent: General Manager for EMEA at Evernote Based in: Zurich, Switzerland Channel:   Beat Buhlmann is the General […]

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Measure Collaborative Intelligence With Collabogence


Peter Smit Talent: Founder Based in: Toronto, Canada Channel:   Peter Smit is the Founder at Collabogence, a company that […]

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Virtual Reality For Remote Teams With Doghead Simulations


Name: Lily Snyder Talent: COO at Doghead Simulations Headquarters: Georgia, USA Channel:   Lily Snyder is the COO at Doghead Simulations, a […]

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Recruit Remote Employees With DistantJob


  Name: Sharon Koifman Talent: Founder & CEO of DistantJob Headquarters: Montreal, Canada Channel: Sharon Koifman is the Founder and CEO of […]

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Find Your Tech-Nature Balance With Sue Thomas


  Name: Sue Thomas Talent: Writer, researcher Headquarters: Bournemouth, United Kingdom Superpower: Nature Aura – The ability to surround oneself in a […]

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Use The Human Touch For Remote Connection


  Name: Nick Jaworski Talent: Podcast Producer Headquarters: Missouri, USA Superpower: Sound manipulation Channel:   Nick Jaworski transitioned from being a music […]

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Work With A Virtual Assistant Like Brandon Brown


    Name: Brandon Brown Headquarters: Budapest, Hungary Website: LinkedIn and UpWork Superpower: Adaptability   Originally from California and now living in Hungary, […]

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Be Transparent And Never Lie With David Mansilla


    Name: David Mansilla Headquarters: Kitchener, Canada Website: Superpower: Visibility   David Mansilla is the CEO of ISU Corp, a 100% remote […]

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Give Teams Time To Breathe With Clare McNamara


Name: Clare McNamara Headquarters: Plymouth, UK Website: Superpower: Empowering teams to overcome their own obstacles   Clare McNamara is the Co-founder of Global […]

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Build Ideas That Make Money With Corey Grusden


Name: Corey Grusden Headquarters: Philadelphia, USA Website: Superpower: Building ideas that make money   Corey Grusden is the CTO of, […]

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Capture Productivity In One Place With Hibox


  Name: Spencer Coon Headquarters: Barcelona, Spain Website: Superpower: Artificially intelligent tasks   Spencer Coon is the COO and CoFounder of Hibox, a […]

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Effectively Managing Remote Software Teams With Dave Hecker


  Name: Dave Hecker Headquarters: Denver, Colorado, USA Website: Superpower: Building distributed relationships   Dave Hecker is a seasoned tech executive, […]

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Be A Work At Home Success With Leslie Truex


  Name: Leslie Truex Headquarters: Charlottesville, Virginia, USA Website: Superpower: Working from home   Leslie Truex is an ideaphoric writer, speaker, entrepreneur, social worker, […]

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Build A Hyperloop Pod For SpaceX With rLoop


  Name: Brent Lessard and Tom Lambot Headquarters: reddit Website: Superpower: Embracing open source and collaborative design and development   It all started […]

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Organize Your Distributed Team With Johanna Rothman


  Name: Johanna Rothman Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts, USA Website: Superpower: Organizing distributed teams   Johanna Rothman is a management consultant for software managers […]

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Get Ready For The Future Of Work With Stephan Dohrn


Name: Stephan Dohrn Headquarters: Brazil Website: Superpower: Designing virtual work spaces   Stephan Dohrn is a Managing Partner at […]

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Align Your Remote Team In ScrumDo With Marc Hughes


  Name: Marc Hughes Headquarters: Boston, USA Website: Superpower: Aligning the team   ScrumDo is a tool that supports […]

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Be a High Functioning Connected Team In a Sococo Virtual Office


Name: Mandy Ross, Carrie Kuempel, AgileBill Krebs Headquarters: The virtual office Website: Superpower: Being social and spontaneous in a […]

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Build A Global, Virtual Business With Carrie McKeegan Of Greenback Expat Tax Services


Name: Carrie McKeegan Headquarters: Virtual world Website: Superpower: Building a successful global, virtual business   Carrie McKeegan is the […]

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Helping You Tech, Better With Vanessa Shaw


Name: Vanessa Shaw Headquarters: Barcelona, Spain Website: Superpower: Helping people tech, better   Vanessa Shaw is on a mission […]

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How To Be Efficient On The Road With Adriana Vela


Name: Adriana Vela Headquarters: Washington, United States Website: Superpower: Efficiency on the road!   Adriana Vela is the Founder […]

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Be In Two Places At Once With Beam Smart Presence


Name: Erin Rapacki Headquarters: California, United States Website: Superpower: Being in two places at once!   Erin Rapacki is […]

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Offshoring In Vietnam With Alexandre Cuva


Name: Alexandre Cuva Headquarters:Da Nang, Vietnam Website: Superpower:Flattening hierarchies   Alexandre Cuva is the CEO of SmartDev LLC, an […]

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How To Be A Self Organizing Remote Team With Jeffry Hesse


Name: Jeffry Hesse Headquarters:Washington, DC, USA Website: Superpower:Undercover travel   Jeffry Hesse is an Agile Coach working at Sonatype. […]

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Making Retrospectives Easy And Effective For Distributed Teams


Name: David Horowitz Headquarters:Washington, DC, USA Website: Superpower:Abolishing the postmortem   David Horowitz is the CEO and Founder of […]

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IdeaBoxes: A Management System For Innovation With Magnus Karlsson


  Name: Magnus Karlsson Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden Website: Superpower: Innovation management   Based in Sweden, Ericsson is a multi-national […]

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Work As A Digital Nomad With Piero Toffanin


Name: Piero Toffanin Headquarters:Italy Website: Superpower:Outdoor coding   Piero Toffanin is a digital nomad traveling the US in a […]

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A Remote Team Perspective With StarterSquad


Names: Dmitry Evseev, Tiziano Perrucci, Anna Nachesa, and Iwein Fuld Headquarters:Ukraine, Italy, and The Netherlands Superpower:Entrepreneurial business model I talk […]

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How To Manage Three Remote Offices With Ralph Van Roosmalen


Name: Ralph van Roosmalen Headquarters: Netherlands Superpower: Juggling three remote offices at the same time LinkedIn   Ralph van Roosmalen […]

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Teleport With The KUBI Teleconference Robot By Revolve Robotics


Name: Revolve Robotics – Marcus Rosenthal and Jeff Goldsmith Headquarters:California, USA Superpower:Teleportation     Marcus Rosenthal and Jeff Goldsmith from […]

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How To Scale Virtual Teams With Hugo Messer


  Name: Hugo Messer Headquarters:The Netherlands / UK Superpower:Scaling virtual teams   Hugo Messer is the CEO of Bridge Global […]

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Bridge the Gap on Distributed Agile Teams with ShriKant Vashishtha


  Name: ShriKant Vashishtha Headquarters:Noida Area, India Superpower:Leading distributed Agile teams     ShriKant Vashishtha is the Director of […]

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Take A Virtual Tour Of The Moon With NASA’s Lunar Portal


Name: Brian Day Headquarters: California, USA (and the Moon) Website: Superpower: Exploring the moon virtually   Brian Day from NASA’s […]

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Facilitate Distributed Agile Teams with Mark Kilby


  Name: Mark Kilby Headquarters:Florida, USA Superpower: Virtual team facilitation   Mark Kilby’s specialties include Agile retrospectives, organizational change, […]

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Collaboration in Space Exploration (NASA / SSERVI)


Name: Yvonne Pendleton, Ricky Guest, Ashcon Nejad, Teague Soderman Headquarters:California, USA (and the Moon) Website: Superpower:Exploring space   There’s almost […]

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Extreme Results Oriented Working with Yegor Bugayenko


Name: Yegor Bugayenko Headquarters: The Netherlands Website: Superpower: Teams as a service Operations: Founder and CTO of   […]

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Apply The Right Technology With Phil Montero


Name: Phil Montero Headquarters: Florida, USA Superpower: Thoughtfully applying the right technology Operations: Cloud Computing and Mobile Work Expert, […]

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An Interview With Managing Virtual Teams


Name: Managing Virtual Teams – Robert Rogge, Anna Danes, Silvina Martínez Headquarters:Barcelona, Spain Superpower:Managing virtual teams   Robert Rogge, […]

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Engage Remotely With Social Networks With Luis Suarez (Elsua)


Name: Luis Suarez Headquarters:Gran Canaria Superpower:Working out loud without email Operations: Chief Emergineer and People Enabler Luis Suarez lives in […]

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Become More Agile With Remote Collaboration With Fredrik Wiik


Name: Frederik Wiik Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden Superpower: Getting value from product development efforts, which includes time to market and business […]

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Collaborate In Virtual Worlds With AgileBill Krebs


Name: AgileBill Krebs Headquarters:North Carolina, USA Superpower:Virtual worlds guru   AgileBill Krebs is a virtual worlds guru. Virtual worlds […]

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Remote Technical Support With Laura Rooke


  Name: Laura Rooke Headquarters:California, USA Superpower:Remote technical support and being a great Mom!   Laura Rooke is one of […]

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How To Eat An Elephant With Maarten Koopmans


Name: Maarten Koopmans Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands Superpower: Eating elephants! Operations: Owner/Founder at     “Be everything from chief cook […]

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