MICHAEL DUBAKOV is the co-founder and CEO of Fibery.io, an all-in-one work management platform. His team of 30 works remotely across seven countries, and they manage their work using the same work management platform they are building and optimizing for their customers. This interview discusses the secrets to good workflow management and working sustainably.

For more information on Michael Dubakov, visit the Fibery.io blog and @mdubakov on Twitter.



Tips for remote workflow management

  • Use good tools (like Fibery) and minimize the number of tools you are using.
  • For personal productivity, use external monitors to give yourself enough real estate to organize multiple sources of information. For optimal focus, only have the necessary applications open to get the job done.
  • It can take a long time to establish a good workflow. Have patience.
  • When going from working in-person to working remotely, the company changed its synchronous processes to asynchronous ones and shifted to using much more documentation.
  • The company focused on hiring people that had remote work experience, excellent self-management skills, and only needed a little supervision.
  • Fibery is set up as a primarily asynchronous company. There are no mandatory working hours and time is not tracked. People are trusted by default.
  • There is a status channel in Slack where team members record what they have done each day.
  • The management structure at Fibery is flat, with as few managers as possible: each product area has a leader (or group) who makes the decisions for their areas.
  • To keep team members from burning out, Fibery provides a one month paid vacation (over the normal vacation time) for those who need it. Another option is reducing the workload.


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