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147 – Recruit Remote Employees With Sharon Koifman of DistantJob

SHARON KOIFMAN is the Founder and CEO of DistantJob, a boutique recruitment agency specializing in remote employees. He shares why companies […]

111 – Build Your Team In The Philippines With Bolton Remote

PATRICK LINTON is the Co-founder and CEO at, a company that outsources talent in the Philippines. We discuss why companies […]

95 – How To Hire And Onboard An Offshore Team With KIStaffing

PETER WILSON is the managing director of KIStaffing, a company that connects Australian businesses with talent in the Philippines. The […]

93 – Effectively Managing Remote Teams With Dave Hecker

DAVE HECKER, cofounder at SourceSeek, is a seasoned tech executive, speaker, and author with an exclusive focus on distributed team […]

72 – Maximize Your Time Working Remotely With Andrea Zabala

ANDREA ZABALA is an information systems engineer from Argentina who focuses on business development and offshore projects. She worked in […]

70 – Visualize And Manage Your Work With Targetprocess

EGOR SVIRIDENKO is the managing director for Targetprocess Germany, a tool that virtually visualizes and manages work. Targetprocess deals with […]

43 – Offshoring In Vietnam With Alexandre Cuva

ALEXANDRE CUVA is the CEO of SmartDev LLC, an offshore development center based in Da Nang, Vietnam. We discuss why […]

35 – The Challenges Of Scaling A Remote Team With Chris Jankulovski

CHRIS JANKULOVSKI is the CEO and Founder of Remote Staff. We talk about the benefits of outsourcing and what it […]

28 – How To Hire Offshore Staff With Bart Van Loon

BART VAN LOON is an offshore staffing specialist at Zeropoint. His Belgium-based company brings together businesses from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, […]

13 – Managing Remote Teams With Hugo Messer

HUGO MESSER is a distributed Agile expert with more than ten years’ expertise acting as an intermediary between companies in […]