Retreats For Remote Teams With Rebel + Connect


  Name: Charlie Birch Headquarters: Colorado, USA Website: Superpower: Adding a human touch to the digital world   Charlie Birch is the Co-Founder at […]

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Make Shift Happen With Jessie Shternshus


  Name: Jessie Shternshus Headquarters: Florida, USA Website: Superpower: Making shift happen   Jessie Shternshus is the Founder at Improv Effect and […]

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Team Building Adventures With Dr. Clue


Name: Dave Blum Headquarters: San Francisco, USA Website: Superpower: Team building adventures   Dave Blum runs Dr. Clue Treasure Hunts, […]

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Validate Your Work From Home Excuses With Christina Ng


Name: Christina Ng Headquarters: California, USA Website: Superpower: Validating your work from home excuses   Christina Ng has developed […]

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Virtual Ice Breakers With Gerard Beaulieu


Name: Gerard Beaulieu Headquarters: BC, Canada Website: Superpower: Establishing a human connection in conference calls   Gerard Beaulieu is […]

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Create Epic Wins Through Collaborative Games With Luke Hohmann


Name: Luke Hohmann Headquarters: California, USA Website: Superpower: Collaboration games   Luke Hohmann is the Founder and CEO of […]

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Tune Your Virtual Team With Howard B. Esbin


Name: Howard B. Esbin, PhD Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada Superpower: Bringing high touch into a high tech environment Operations: Social entrepreneur, […]

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