164 – Tips for Hybrid Meetings


Meetings where everyone is online are much easier when there are a mix of remote and in person participants. In […]

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163 – Become The CEO Of Your Own Life


Beat Buhlmann is the General Manager for EMEA at Evernote. He has also written books about virtual team management, digital […]

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162 – Bust Out Of “Day Prison” With Collaboration Superpowers


For ages, people have been working from 9 to 5. Every day we commute – some of us for more […]

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161 – Up-And-Coming Virtual Tools (September 2017)


In the “Up and coming tools” series, I highlight a few tools that looked particularly interesting and great for the […]

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160 – Prioritize Happiness And Profit With Scott Hoppe


Scott Hoppe is the Founder of www.HoppeTax.com, a 100% distributed accounting firm that files tax returns for businesses in the […]

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159 – Self Care Tips For Remote Workers And Beyond


Every once in a while, life delivers us bad times. I’m going through one of those bad times right now […]

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158 – Measure Collaborative Intelligence With Collabogence


Peter Smit is the Founder at Collabogence, a company that helps measure how well your teams are collaborating and how […]

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157 – The Disadvantages Of Video Conferencing


We often talk about all the advantages video has for remote teams with respect to increasing engagement in meetings, creating […]

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156 – Superpower Hour: Remote Team Management


The number one roadblock I heard time and again in my interviews when asked why companies were not going remote […]

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155 – How To Have Remote Group Collaboration Sessions


It’s not uncommon for colleagues in an office to get together and work on a project. And remote teams can […]

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154 – Design Sustainable Remote Systems With Nenad Maljković


Nenad Maljkovic is a cultural creative, network entrepreneur, and permaculture advisor who work works with a global organization of remote […]

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153 – Up-And-Coming Virtual Tools (July 2017)


  In the “Up and coming tools” series, I highlight a few tools that looked particularly interesting and great for […]

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152 – Diversity Is A Remote Team Superpower


Diversity on any team increases innovation and helps solve more problems. On remote teams, we can take advantage of being […]

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151 – Virtual Reality For Remote Teams With Doghead Simulations


Lily Snyder is the COO at Doghead Simulations, a company that is creating virtual reality software for remote teams. Their […]

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150 – Greatest Hits Vol 3


We’ve reached Episode 15 0 on the Collaboration Superpowers podcast. In this episode, I highlight 5 of my favorite segments […]

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149 – Set Up A Business Around Family Life WIth Making Mumpreneurs


Erin Thomas-Wong is the CEO and Founder at Making Mumpreneurs, a company dedicated to empowering mums to build businesses through […]

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148 – Keeping Momentum In Remote Communities Of Practice


This podcast episode is dedicated to the ingredients and tips needed to build a successful online community of practice and […]

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147 – Recruit Remote Employees With Sharon Koifman of DistantJob


Sharon Koifman is the Founder and CEO of DistantJob, a boutique recruitment agency specializing in remote employees. He shares why […]

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146 – Up-And-Coming Virtual Tools (June 2017)


Almost daily, people send me links to great tools for remote teams. So I started a new series in the […]

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145 – What Does A Remote Office Manager Do?


In many colocated offices, we have office managers. So it only makes sense that in a remote office, we would […]

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144 – Find Your Tech-Nature Balance With Sue Thomas


Sue Thomas is a writer on nature and technology. Her books include ‘Technobiophilia: nature and cyberspace (2013), Hello World: travels in virtuality (2004), a […]

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143 – How To Make Fast Decisions On Remote Teams


It can be hard to make fast decisions on remote teams. Outside of regular meetings, it can be hard to […]

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142 – Plan Your Legal Strategies With Elizabeth Weinstein


Elizabeth Weinstein is the Founder and Lead Attorney at EPW Small Business Law PC. She works with international clients who […]

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141 – How To Create A Sense Of Community Online


In a previous job, I helped organizations build private social networks for their members. I was often asked “How do […]

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140 – Reflect And Take Action With Mindful.team


Emma Joy Obanye and Irene Frances built mindful.team to help teams measure happiness, boost productivity, reflect, and take action. In […]

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139 – Develop Virtual Communities Of Practice


A “community of practice” is a group of people who share a craft or profession. It’s a way to share […]

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138 – No One Is Ignored With Sociocracy


What’s special about Jerry Koch-Gonzalez’s meetings is that they are sociocratic. How often have you been part of a call […]

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137 – How To Stay Social While Working Remotely


We can really focus and get a lot done in our productive workspaces, but we have to be careful about […]

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136 – Join The Virtual Office Movement With Frank Cottle


Frank Cottle is the CEO of Alliance Virtual Offices and Chairman of the Alliance Business Centers Network. He is a […]

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135 – The Downsides Of Telepresence


Telepresence technology has two main challenges for global companies to consider. The first is the cost and time investment to […]

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134 – A Story On Living “Unsettled”


Alexandra, Jonathan, and Michael curate 30-day coworking experiences around the world for digital marketers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and people going through […]

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133 – Superpower Hour: Feedback On Virtual Teams


Feedback is a critical component for continuous improvement on any team. But for remote teams, creating regular feedback loops is […]

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132 – Don’t Wait To Start Living


Andy Willis is a Facilitator, Mentor, Speaker and Director of Working From Anywhere. His company helps small business operators, managers […]

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131 – What Does A Remote First Company Look Like?


What does it mean to be a Remote First company? If you were going to go into somebody’s workplace and […]

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130 – Work From The Beaches of Tobago With Rohan Smith


Rohan Smith is a Jamaican born software developer living in Trinidad & Tobago. He is an entrepreneur at heart and […]

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129 – Health And Remote Working


As knowledge workers, we do a lot of sitting. Remote workers have an advantage over our colocated colleagues. We have […]

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128 – Use The Human Touch For Remote Connection


Nick Jaworski transitioned from being a music teacher to being a business owner through the use of online platforms like […]

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127 – Superpower Hour: Create Camaraderie Remotely


Being in the same room together is powerful because of all the sensory input that we have. We can see […]

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126 – Virtual Fitness Training With Jeff McMahon


Jeff has been a trainer for almost a decade, working with over 700 people. His degree is in pre-med/pre-pharm and […]

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125 – Management By Working Out Loud


What’s the digital version of “management by walking around”? Management by working out loud! It’s a way of having continuous […]

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124 – Work With A Virtual Assistant Like Brandon Brown


Originally from California and now living in Hungary, Brandon Brown describes himself as the Swiss Army Knife of virtual assistants. […]

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123 – Superpower Hour: What Does Your Virtual Office Look Like?


We each have different needs when it comes to productivity. Some prefer a quiet space on their own, while others […]

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122 – Holiday Parties For Virtual Teams


Holidays are a great way of learning about the different cultures on your global remote team. And parties are an […]

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121 – Be Transparent And Never Lie With David Mansilla


David Mansilla is the CEO of ISU Corp, a 100% remote software development company headquartered in Canada. We talk about […]

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120 – Setting Up Your Office On The Go


Many of us have to travel for our jobs. This episode is about things to consider when working on the […]

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119 – Superpower Hour: Get The Work-Life Balance Right


In order to produce high quality results, we can’t work 24/7. We have to not only take care of our […]

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118 – How To Convince Your Manager To Let You Work From Home


There are a lot of managers who are not comfortable letting their employees work from home. But more and more […]

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117 – Give Teams Time To Breathe With Clare McNamara


Clare McNamara is the Co-founder of Global Team Coaches, a company that helps global teams develop working relationships that deliver […]

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116 – 10 Tips For Working With Multiple Time Zones


  The world is not divided into 24 equal time zones like you’d think it would be. There are weird […]

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115 – Build Ideas That Make Money WIth Corey Grusden of SoFetch.io


Corey Grusden is the CTO of SoFetch.io, a company that designed and built a Slack plugin for stand up meetings […]

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114 – How To Find A Remote Job


Many people want to work remotely but don’t know where to start. In this episode, we talk about the tips […]

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113 – Tranform The Way You Lead With Mariana Rego Of Leadwise


Mariana Rego is a Co-Founder of Leadwise, a new initiative from Ricardo Semler, which helps modernize management practices at companies […]

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112 – Onboarding virtual team members


Onboarding someone onto a remote team is similar to onboarding someone onto a co-located team. A successful onboarding process gets […]

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111 – Build Your Team In The Philippines With Bolton Remote


Patrick Linton is the Co-founder and CEO at Bolton Remote, a company that outsources talent in the Philippines. We discuss […]

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110 – What Happens When Someone Leaves Your Remote Team?


All teams hire new people, and transition when someone leaves. Is there anything special we should be doing on a […]

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109 – Capture Productivity In One Place With Hibox


Spencer Coon is the COO and CoFounder of Hibox, a tool that offers group chat, task management, and video calls […]

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108 – Is It Time For A Digital Vacation?


A digital vacation is a retreat from technology. It’s a time for setting aside our electronics and focusing on other […]

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107 – Build What The Client Wants With Beata Green


Beata Green is the Strategic Director of HeadChannel, a company with teams in London and Poland. We discuss hiring remote […]

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106 – How To Take Your Virtual Team Temperature


Co-located teams get continuous feedback simply because they are together a lot. Virtual teams need ways of knowing how the […]

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105 – Startups And Virtual Rockstars


Bjoern Zinssmeister recently co-founded the startup, Design Inc., which began as a remote company, and is now mostly co-located. We […]

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104 – Virtual Team Celebrations


In the office, we gather for birthday parties, lunch, drinks after work, and company outings. But remote workers don’t have […]

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103 – Retreats For Remote Teams


Charlie Birch is the Co-Founder at Rebel + Connect, a company that designs custom retreats for remote teams. Remote workers […]

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102 – Technology Tips For Virtual Teams


Technologies have developed a lot over the last 20 years. From online project management tools to instant messaging systems and […]

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101 – Coworkation: When Work Meets Vacation


This week I interview Kirsty Thompson of Coworkation. They host retreats in beautiful locations to inspire and teach people how […]

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100 – Greatest Hits Volume 2


We’ve reached Episode 100 on the Collaboration Superpowers podcast. In this episode, I highlight 5 of my favorite segments from […]

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99 – Curate Your Notifications For Maximum Productivity


Michael Sliwinski is the founder of Nozbe, an online task management tool. He’s also a speaker, author of the book […]

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98 – Productivity Tips For Remote Workers


When we work remotely, our performance is based more on the results we produce rather than the time spent producing […]

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97 – Tiny House Office For Remote Workers


Many people are trying to downsize their lives and minimize their possessions. But for remote workers, a tiny house is […]

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96 – How To Combat Loneliness As A Remote Worker


We all have different needs when it comes to productivity and being social. Some people, like me, love working alone. […]

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95 – How To Hire And Onboard An Offshore Team With KIStaffing


Peter Wilson is the managing director of KIStaffing, a company that connects Australian businesses with talent in the Philippines. We […]

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94 – The Challenges Of Going Remote


In this episode, we talk about what challenges people and companies face when they make the decision to go remote. […]

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93 – Effectively Managing Remote Teams With Dave Hecker


Dave Hecker is a seasoned tech executive, speaker, and author with an exclusive focus on distributed team software delivery. His […]

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92 – Three Myths About Remote Workers


Remote workers are a misunderstood bunch. Today, we take a look at the top three misconceptions that people have concerning […]

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91 – Be A Work At Home Success With Leslie Truex


Leslie Truex has been sharing work-at-home information and resources since 1998 through her website, WorkAtHomeSuccess.com. She is the author of […]

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90 – Why are we going remote?


I’d like to share with you some of the most common reasons I’ve heard for why people and companies are […]

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89 – Build Reputation In The Freelance Economy With Fernando Garrido Vaz


Fernando Garrido Vaz is a freelance Product Manager with experience managing distributed teams, multiple nationalities, and different time zones. Living […]

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88 – How To Discover The Culture On Your Virtual Team


  How do we deal with culture on virtual teams? In this episode, I dive into different ways of understanding […]

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87 – Organize Your Distributed Team With Johanna Rothman


Johanna Rothman is a management consultant for software managers and leaders. She is also the author of many books. She […]

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86 – The Top 3 Do’s And Don’ts Of Remote Working


Inspired by something Tim Ferriss did on his podcast, this episode focuses on distilling remote work down to its essentials. […]

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85 – Make Shift Happen With Jessie Shternshus


  Jessie Shternshus is the Founder at Improv Effect and the Co-author of “CTRL Shift – 50 Games For 50 […]

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84 – Stories Of Remote Teams Doing Great Things


In the past, we had to go to a specific geographic place in order to access the information we needed […]

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83 – A Self Organized Team Of Remote Redditors Competing For SpaceX Hyperloop


  rLoop started when someone on reddit posted in the SpaceX forum “Let’s work on a submission for the Hyperloop […]

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82 – Connect Distributed Agile Teams With ETEO At Saxonia Systems


Saxonia Systmes has teams in different cities in Germany, with the main headquarters being in Dresden. The eteoBoard was initially […]

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81 – How To Build Trust On Virtual Teams


  Trust comes up in every single interview that I do. Along with communication, lack of trust seems to be […]

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80 – Let Go Of Old Habits With Jesse Fewell


Jesse Fewell is a writer, coach, and trainer in innovation and agile methods. He founded the PMI Agile Community of […]

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79 – How To Create A Sense Of Togetherness On Your Remote Team


To combat the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality, remote teams need to work harder to increase that sense […]

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78 – Focus On Process Not Tools With Ade Olonoh


Ade Olonoh is the Co-Founder of www.Jell.com (a product of Formstack). We discuss why and how his company transitioned from […]

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77 – How Do We Know What People Are Doing On Remote Teams?


One of the most common questions from managers of remote teams is “How do we know what our remote teams […]

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76 – Create Horizontal Organizations With WE THINQ


Christian Kreutz is an author, speaker, strategic advisor and expert in open and social innovation. He is the Director of […]

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75 – Virtual Vulnerabilities: The Weak Links Of Remote Working


Remote working is awesome, but it does have its virtual vulnerabilities. Recognize what those are for you and plan for […]

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74 – Team Building Adventures With Dr. Clue


Dave Blum runs Dr. Clue Treasure Hunts, a team building adventure service. Treasure hunts provide a playful way for people […]

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73 – How To Create A Thriving Virtual Office


Creating a thriving virtual office is more than just having a place to share files and calendars. It’s about how […]

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72 – Maximize Your Time Working Remotely With Andrea Zabala


Andrea Zabala is an Information Systems Engineer from Argentina focused on business development and offshore projects. She went freelance after […]

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71 – How To Resolve Conflict On Virtual Teams


From differences in opinion to flat out misunderstandings, conflicts with our virtual teams are inevitable. Differences in language, culture, and […]

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70 – Visualize And Manage Your Work With Targetprocess


  Egor Sviridenko is the Managing Director for Targetprocess Germany, a tool that virtually visualizes and manages work. We discuss […]

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69 – When One Person Is Remote, The Whole Team Is Remote


When part of a team is co-located, and part of the team remote, we often struggle with how to keep […]

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68 – Manage The Work, Not The People With Colleen Johnson


Colleen Johnson is the Co-Founder of ScatterSpoke, a tool for conducting remote team Agile retrospectives. We discuss how ScatterSpoke helps […]

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67 – Meeting Facilitation Tips For Virtual Teams


Online meetings have a bad reputation for being full of technical problems, strong personalities, going in too many directions and […]

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66 – Get Ready For The Future Of Work With Stephan Dohrn


Stephan Dohrn is a Managing Partner at Radical Inclusion, a company specialized in new ways of working and helping teams […]

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65 – What I Learned Giving Robot Workshops


In this episode of the Collaboration Superpowers podcast, I talk about what I learned giving workshops via the Revolve Robotics […]

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64 – Align Your Remote Team In ScrumDo With Marc Hughes


ScrumDo is a tool that supports online Scrum and Scrumban, a combination of Agile and Lean Kanban on top of […]

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63 – Avoid Technical Hiccups During Online Meetings


Online meetings seem to be online hell for most people. But technology has come a long way in the last […]

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62 – Build A Global, Virtual Business With Carrie McKeegan Of Greenback Expat Tax Services


Carrie McKeegan is the Director of Greenback Expat Tax Services, a global, virtual business that prepares US federal tax returns […]

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61 – Hire The Best For Your Remote Team


How do we hire great remote workers? What are the personality traits and skills we should be looking for when […]

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60 – Be a High Functioning Connected Team In a Sococo Virtual Office


Sococo is a virtual office where you can see where all your remote colleagues are on a virtual office floor […]

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59 – Top 3 Tips For Remote Team Success


During a casual conversation, someone asked what my top 3 tips were for having a successful remote team. It was […]

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58 – How The 9/80 Flextime Schedule Works


Tim Stough works for a large research institute in California that offers their employees a 9/80 flextime schedule. We discuss […]

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57 – Great Gadgets For Working On The Road


If you want to work while traveling, here are some great gadgets for working on the road. Original transcript Welcome […]

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56 – Communicate Proactively And Build Culture With Brie Reynolds


Brie Reynolds works with FlexJobs, creators of Remote.co: a resource providing information and best practices on starting, training, and managing […]

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55 – The Four Pillars of Remote Team Management


Managers of remote teams face the challenge of combating the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. How do we […]

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54 – Helping You Tech, Better With Vanessa Shaw


Vanessa Shaw is on a mission to help your team collaborate and be productive virtually. She’s an expert intercultural trainer […]

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53 – Perks For Remote Employees


Remote employees can often feel left out of things that are happening back at the office. Like celebrations, for example. […]

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52 – Virtual Icebreakers With Gerard Beaulieu


Gerard Beaulieu is the creator of VirtualIcebreakers.com, a website that creates icebreakers for conference call meetings. We discuss the importance […]

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51 – Validate Your Work From Home Excuses With Christina Ng


Christina Ng has developed a work from home excuse generator called wfh.ninja. Anyone can vote on the likelihood of the […]

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50 – Greatest Hits! | Tips and advice that you need to hear


We’ve reached Episode 50 on the Collaboration Superpowers podcast. Join me on this epic journey through the history of the […]

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49 – How To Be Efficient On The Road With Adriana Vela


Adriana Vela is the Founder of NanoTecNexus.org. We discuss how her team works from all over the US and Canada […]

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48 – Telepresence! Why I Welcome Our Robot Potential


  In this episode, I share my enthusiasm for the potentials of telepresence. We discuss the applications of using both […]

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47 – Be In Two Places At Once With BEAM Smart Presence


Erin Rapacki is the Marketing Director for Suitable Technologies, makers of the Beam telepresence robot! We discuss what the Beam […]

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46 – Lisette’s Current Favorite Online Communication Tools


In this episode, I talk about some of my current personal favorite online communication tools. The tools I talk about […]

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45 – Powerful Collaboration With Simple Spreadsheets


Lucius Bobikiewicz is a trainer for distributed agile teams at SpreadScrum.com. We discuss what it takes to be a good […]

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44 – Icebreakers For Virtual Teams


Virtual icebreakers can be a fun way to learn more about your remote colleagues, and a great way to get […]

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43 – Offshoring In Vietnam With Alexandre Cuva


Alexandre Cuva is the CEO of SmartDev LLC, an offshore development center based in Da Nang, Vietnam. We discuss why […]

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42 – How To Create A Team Agreement For Your Remote Team


  Each team has a unique way of communicating. And each team has a particular combination of personality types. And […]

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41 – The Power Of Team Agreements With Alexandre Pellaes


Alexandre Pellaes is a People Management Consultant in São Paulo Brazil. We discuss cultural differences and the importance of team […]

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40 – Feedback On Virtual Teams


Just like on co-located teams, giving useful feedback is a critical component of a healthy team. On virtual teams we […]

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39 – How To Be A Self Organizing Remote Team


Jeffry Hesse is an Agile Coach working at Sonatype. He is responsible for working with a fully distributed software development […]

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38 – How To Manage Being “Always On”


With remote working, one of the biggest fears managers seem to have is “How do I know people are working?”. […]

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37 – Make Remote Retrospectives Easy With David Horowitz


David Horowitz is the CEO and Founder of Retrium, new software for facilitating remote retrospectives. We discuss the importance of […]

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36 – 5 Tips To Simulate The Office Online


To combat the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality, remote teams are trying to increase camaraderie and improve communication. […]

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35 – The Challenges Of Scaling A Remote Team With Chris Jankulovski


Chris Jankulovski is the CEO and Founder of remotestaff.com.au. We talk about the benefits of outsourcing and what it takes […]

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34 – Room To Breathe


Another short episode: In this world where we’re always on, I’m learning that sometimes, we need to take out all […]

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33 – Discover A Common Language With Judy Rees


Judy Rees holds the secret formula for helping your remote team work better together. We discuss how using metaphors helps […]

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32 – When in Doubt, Reach Out!


I’m trying something new in this episode. I’m taking the month of April off from conducting any interviews so I […]

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31 – Embody Your Team Online With Personify


I speak with Sumant Kowshik and Nick Timmons of Personify.com. They work with “the best cameras the world hasn’t seen […]

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30 – Work As A Digital Nomad With Piero Toffanin


Piero Toffanin is a digital nomad traveling the US in a camper while coding to pay for expenses. We talk […]

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29 – Work Where You Are Most Productive With Teo Hären


Teo Härén is one of the most requested experts on creativity in Sweden. He is the author of Härabete, which […]

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28 – How To Hire Offshore Staff With Bart Van Loon


Bart Van Loon is an Offshore Staffing Specialist with Zeropoint. They bring together businesses from Europe, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. […]

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27 – Build Trust On Remote Teams Through Pair Collaboration


Tom Howlett is a Developer and Agile Coach at Lean Tomato in the UK. We discuss how pair programming helps […]

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26 – Use Tools And Increase Productivity With Derek Scruggs


Derek Scruggs is the Vice President of Staunch Robots who work with remote teams in São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Ukraine, […]

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25 – A Remote Team Perspective With StarterSquad


I talk with the StarterSquad Team about their unique entrepreneurial business model and how they make remote working work.   […]

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24 – How To Manage Three Remote Offices With Ralph Van Roosmalen


Ralph van Roosmalen calls himself an “innovative Agile enabler”. He’s also a Management 3.0 enthusiast! I talk to him about […]

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23 – Create Big Results With Small Changes With Mario Lucero


  Mario Lucero is an Agile Coach in Chile working with remote teams in the US. We talk about how […]

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22 – Manage Your Reputation Remotely With Per Frykman


Per Frykman is a Reputation Advisor who can analyze and strengthen your professional reputation as an individual. He and his […]

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21 – Engaging Remotely With Social Networks With Luis Suarez


Luis Suarez quit his job after 17 years. We discuss the importance of using social networks and blogging as ways […]

Read more

20 – Welcome People And Develop Trust While Walking With Yves Hanoulle


Yves Hanoulle is a Creative Collaboration Agent and the author of “Who is Agile? A Book of Personal Reflections on […]

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19 – Remote Academic Life Coaching with Gretchen Wegner


Gretchen Wegner is a superstar academic life coach for students – and she coaches them remotely. In this interview, we […]

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18 – Teleport With The KUBI Teleconference Robot (Revolve Robotics)


Marcus Rosenthal and Jeff Goldsmith from Revolve Robotics show off the KUBI, the world’s first portable video teleconference device! We […]

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17 – The Need For Face-To-Face On Virtual Teams With Peter Hilton


Peter Hilton is a software developer, writer, speaker, and trainer. We discuss the necessity of meeting face-to-face, using tools, training […]

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16 – Creating Epic Wins Through Collaborative Games With Luke Hohmann


Luke Hohmann is the Founder and CEO of Conteneo, Inc. (formerly, The Innovation Games® Company). In this conversation, we dive […]

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15 – Collaborating in Virtual Worlds With AgileBill Krebs


AgileBill Krebs is a virtual worlds guru. Virtual worlds may seem overly techie and nerdy to some, but they are […]

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14 – Remote Technical Support With Laura Rooke


Laura Rooke is one of the best remote technical support gurus you could ever hope to have on your team. […]

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13 – Managing Remote Teams With Hugo Messer


Hugo Messer is the CEO of Bridge Global IT Staffing and the author of Managing Remote Teams. We discuss offshoring, […]

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12 – Scanning Brains and Managing Students Remotely With Marion Smits


Marion Smits is associate professor and neuroradiologist at Erasmus MC, Rotterdam (NL), and honorary consultant and reader at University College […]

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11 – Bridging the Gap on Distributed Agile Teams With ShriKant Vashishtha


ShriKant Vashishtha is the Director of Engineering at GlobalLogic. His specialties include technology strategy and implementation, distributed Agile, and Agile […]

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10 – Being Deliberate with Onboarding and Culture With Jeremy Stanton


Jeremy Stanton has been working remotely for 15 years. In this interview he shares his insights on hiring and onboarding, […]

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9 – Facilitating Distributed Agile Teams With Mark Kilby


Mark Kilby’s specialties include Agile retrospectives, organizational change, and coaching distributed teams and stakeholders on continuous collaboration. I talk to […]

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8 – Extreme Results Oriented Working With Yegor Bugayenko


Teamed.io develops software in an “extremely” distributed mode. They have no central office, no meetings, no conference, calls, and no […]

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7 – Build a Company of Entrepreneurs With Iwein Fuld


Iwein Fuld is the founder of StarterSquad, a company with no employees – only entrepreneurs. We hear how they built […]

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6 – Take a Virtual Tour of the Moon NASA/SSERVI


Brian Day from NASA’s Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute takes us on a tour of the Lunar Mapping and […]

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5 – Managing Your Virtual Team With Hassan Osman


Hassan Osman is the author of Influencing Virtual Teams, a book with practical concrete things you can do when managing […]

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4 – Humanizing Remote Work With Pilar Orti


Pilar Orti runs the Virtual, Not Distant consulting firm in the UK. Her speciality is coaching virtual teams. In this […]

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3 – Collaboration in Space Exploration NASA / SSERVI


There’s almost no one working as remotely as the Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI)! In this episode, I […]

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2 – Tuning Your Virtual Team With Howard Esbin


Howard Esbin has developed a cloud-based game for virtual teams called Prelude. Prelude uses a novel mix of psychometrics and […]

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1 – Implement Flexible Working With Chris Ridgewell


Lisette talks to Chris Ridgewell, the co-founder and Director of Wisework, a specialist UK-based management consultancy company that helps organizations […]

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