168 – Evolve Your Rituals To Include Your Remote Colleagues


Dom Price is the head of R&D and work futurist at Atlassian. Originally from Manchester, now living in Sydney, Australia, […]

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133 – Superpower Hour: Feedback On Virtual Teams


Feedback is a critical component for continuous improvement on any team. But for remote teams, creating regular feedback loops is […]

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125 – Management By Working Out Loud


What’s the digital version of “management by walking around”? Management by working out loud! It’s a way of having continuous […]

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118 – How To Convince Your Manager To Let You Work From Home


These days more and more employees seem to want to go remote, mainly to work from home. Although offering employees […]

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106 – How To Take Your Virtual Team Temperature


Co-located teams get continuous feedback simply because they are together a lot. Virtual teams need ways of knowing how the […]

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68 – Manage The Work, Not The People With Colleen Johnson


Colleen Johnson is the Co-Founder of ScatterSpoke, a tool for conducting remote team agile retrospectives. With a background in software […]

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55 – The Four Pillars of Remote Team Management


Managers of remote teams face the challenge of combating the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. How do we […]

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40 – Feedback On Virtual Teams


Just like on co-located teams, giving useful feedback is a critical component of a healthy team. On virtual teams we […]

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39 – How To Be A Self Organizing Remote Team


Jeffry Hesse is a Product Owner working at a company called┬áSonatype with a distributed software development team of approximately 40 […]

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37 – Make Remote Retrospectives Easy With David Horowitz


David Horowitz is the CEO and Founder of Retrium, software for facilitating remote retrospectives. As a software developer, David recognized […]

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