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A licensed Facilitator can train you and your colleagues on how to rock remote working!

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How to book

You have the option to shop around for the facilitator that best suits your needs. You can use the filters below to search by country, laungage and ratings.

Next Steps

  1. Find your country or timezone
  2. Choose your preferred language
  3. Contact your facilitator by email
  4. Schedule your workshop
It’s that easy! Enjoy and don’t forget to rate your facilitators after your workshop.


Use the filters below to search by country, language and ratings to find the perfect fit.

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Interested in becoming a licensed Facilitator?

Are you interested in running your own Work Together Anywhere workshops?
When you become a licensed facilitator, you can give the Work Together Anywhere workshop anywhere in the world, in your own company, or at public events.

To become a licensed facilitator, you first need to attend a workshop (either online or in person). Once you attend a workshop, you will receive a license agreement to sign and you will be ready to join the growing number of facilitators worldwide.