Virtual Team Talk is a free Slack community for anyone interested in making the world of work a better place through virtual teams, remote work and technology.

In this community, we talk about tools and best practices for working in the virtual world; we experiment with new technologies, share events, and support innovative projects.

This community is great for people who want to:

Learn new techniques & tools for working remotely
Ask for or give feedback on a tool
Receive or promote information about events related to remote working
Meet and network with other people with expertise about remote working
Co-create events with other remote experts
Find participants for research projects

This community is NOT:

Particularly busy with synchronous conversations. People tend to dip in to get information or chime into a conversation.

A place to shamelessly self-promote

This is a friction-free community for discussing any topics related to helping virtual teams succeed. Entering here means you are ready for some good conversation and experiments. Join us!


  • The community is (lightly) moderated by Lisette and Mark. We filter and accept/reject invitations and manage community membership.
  • We welcome and celebrate diversity. Discrimination or cruelty will not be tolerated.
  • When you first join, you are automatically added to the #general channel.
  • Before posting in the #general channel, we encourage you to look through all the channels to see if there is a more specific channel for your topic.
  • You are welcome to create new channels
  • Please do not use @channel in the #general channel.
  • You are welcome to join any public channel that interests you. Some of the more popular channels are:
  • #tools
    #cat-club and #dogdays

  • To keep conversations organized, use threads.

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