Design & Deliver Great Online Events

How to differentiate your events from the competition, and how to make them fun and engaging for attendees.

90-min interactive online training

In this great online workshop, you will learn the key elements for designing and delivering your own great online events (meetings, workshops, presentations, meetups).

With physical events now cancelled or postponed indefinitely because of covid, many are rushing to fill the gap that these events provide in terms of interaction with their customers and collaboration between their own staff. The standard webinar format isn’t working – and hasn’t worked for a long time. But in the age of social distancing, how can we take our online events to the next level?

When in-person events are not possible, we want to continue learning together and driving business forward wherever we can.

Specifically you will learn:

  • How to design for online engagement
  • Facilitation techniques for interactive events
  • What infrastructure is required for optimal online interactions



90-minute, interactive, online workshop delivered via Zoom (other tools are possible).

Class Size

Ideal class size is 9-12 participants. Other formats can also be accommodated.


For presenters, facilitators, trainers & coaches delivering online events.


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“By far the best online course I have ever participated in. It was extremely well organized, described & facilitated. You were not left on your own for any longer than 5 minutes so there was no un-useful downtime. The organizer went out of her way to integrate everyone into the course and my learnings were substantial.””


– Workshop participant

Who this workshop is for


  • Presenters, facilitators and trainers who want to design and deliver online events
  • Facilitators and coaches working with remote teams
  • Knowledge workers who want to improve their online meetings and facilitation skills.

Need help booking?

Do you have questions on our workshops? We would love to answer them.

See our FAQ section or feel free to Contact Us.

Technical considerations

This is not a “webinar”! And there are no presentations. You will be engaging in live conversations with real human beings. Expect to be heard and seen throughout.

As with any remote meeting, each participant brings part of the meeting space with them. Please help yourself and others by ensuring you:

  • Call from a quiet place.
  • Have a stable broadband internet connection. Optimum bandwidth, i.e. internet speed on your side will be at least 10 Mbps download / upload. You can measure it using
  • Use a headset.
  • Turn your video camera on.
  • To optimise your set-up, follow these suggestions on how to have a great video conferencing setup.
  • Join the Extravaganza on a laptop or desktop. The workshops are immersive and experiential; you will have a better experience if you can interact with a variety of tools easily.


All Collaboration Superpowers workshops are hosted by licensed Facilitators located all over the world.

Each Facilitator determines their own price.

For public workshops, check the schedule page.

For team workshops, please contact a Facilitator directly.

Interested in becoming a licensed Facilitator?

Are you interested in running your own Work Together Anywhere workshops?
When you become a licensed facilitator, you can give the Work Together Anywhere workshop anywhere in the world, in your own company, or at public events.

To become a licensed facilitator, you first need to attend a workshop (either online or in person). Once you attend a workshop, you will receive a license agreement to sign and you will be ready to join the growing number of facilitators worldwide.

Workshops FAQs

What if I want to book a private workshop for my team?
Congratulations on your wise decision ;). It’s clear you care about your team’s productivity and well-being.

To book a workshop for your team, find a Facilitator that meets your time zone and language needs (using our handy filters) and then contact them with what you are looking for.

Each Facilitator profile contains their contact information. And while we’re confident you will be happy with any Facilitator on our list, we recommend contacting several people to make sure you find the perfect fit for your team.

Can I book a workshop in my native language?

We have licensed Facilitators from all over the world giving workshops in many languages. Including: Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.

But check our list of Facilitators to be 100% certain. New Facilitators join every month!

If I miss a session, what are the options?
Depending on your Facilitator, you can join a live session from another Facilitator, or your Facilitator may record the session for you.
What is the cutoff time for booking in a workshop?

Collaboration Superpowers workshops are offered by licensed Facilitators all over the world. Each Facilitator is responsible for managing the booking and registration of their own workshop participants. For specific booking questions, please contact the Facilitator of your workshop.

Do I get material in the workshop?
Yes! You’ll walk away from the workshop with all kinds of references and guides (both virtual and physical) that you can refer back to later and pass on to others. These guides will help you implement everything you’ve learned in the workshop.
What is the difference between a public and a team workshop?
A public workshop is open for anyone in the world to join. A private workshop is just for your team.

Joining a public workshop gives you the opportunity to meet and learn with people from all over the world. Diversity is a superpower, and learning with new people often brings insights from different perspectives.

If you have 6 or more people on your team that are interested in taking their remote working skills to the next level, it’s usually best to book a private workshop so the Facilitator can dive into your team’s needs.

What is your refund policy?

Collaboration Superpowers workshops are offered by licensed Facilitators all over the world. Each Facilitator is responsible for managing the pricing and refund policies of their own workshops. For specific refund policies, please check with the Facilitator of your workshop.

How do I become a licensed Facilitator?

Becoming a licensed Facilitator gives you ready-made, professionally designed workshop materials so you can deliver and sell your own workshops… anywhere!

  1. Attend a Work Together Anywhere workshop
  2. Read and agree to the license agreement (by paying the license fee you agree to the terms and conditions)
  3. Pay the annual license fee
Do the Collaboration Superpowers workshops qualify for PMI PDUs?
The short answer is, YES! Click here to find out how.


Interactive online workshops

Walk away with ideas that you can spend the next weeks and months integrating into and leveling up your foundation.

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Read the Handbook on working remotely - successfully; make your online meetings more productive and fun with virtual meeting cards.