Video conferencing is becoming more and more popular on remote teams. This podcast episode is dedicated to how to have a great video conferencing setup so you can look like a remote pro.

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Top tips for a great video conferencing setup

  • HAVE GREAT INTERNET. Pay for the best bandwidth possible.
  • MINIMIZE YOUR BACKGROUND NOISE. Go to a separate room, use a noise canceling headset or the app, get away from barking dogs and cappuccino machines.
  • BE WELL LIT. Have great lighting. Good lighting helps us see each other better, and thus, stay more engaged. It’s science!
  • PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT’S BEHIND YOU. A busy background of clutter or people walking back and forth can be distracting for others on the call. Neville Medhora calls it a “reverse office“.
  • WHAT ARE YOU WEARING? Patterns like stripes or checkers can have a strange effect on video online. Solid colors are usually safe. Also consider noisy jewelry: long earrings or necklaces can be distracting noises.
  • PUT THE WEBCAM AT EYE LEVEL. This helps us make eye contact with others on the video call.
  • TURN YOUR NOTIFICATIONS OFF. All those pings and dings when people come on and offline, or post what they’re eating on Facebook can be distracting for others on the call.
  • MINIMIZE YOUR MOVEMENT. Moving around a lot can be distracting for others on the call.
  • BE A VIRTUAL VANNA WHITE. If you’re going to be presenting information to a group, consider using ChromaCam to project yourself onto your slides. This will make your presentation A LOT more engaging.
  • TEST EVERYTHING. Arrive a few minutes before the meeting starts to test your equipment. Video conferences are notorious for tech problems. Don’t let it happen to you.
  • USE GREAT VIDEO CONFERENCING EQUIPMENT. Throw out that old spider phone – and Skype For Business while you’re at it! And get yourself some good video conferencing equipment. We’ve come a long way in the last 5 years. It’s time to take another look.
  • PUT YOUR REMOTE PEOPLE ON THE BIG SCREEN. If you’re having hybrid meetings (some people in person and some remote), give your remote participants presence in the room by putting them on a big monitor or projecting them on the wall. Also amplify their sound so that they are easily heard.
  • GIVE REMOTE PEOPLE PRIORITY. In hybrid meetings if two people start talking at the same time, favor the remote person because they have less context and have a harder time reading social cues.


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