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Communicate visually during your online meetings Use these beautiful Supercards to give each other visual clues during your online meetings. Each package contains 5 sets of cards.

  • Each set contains 24 different Supercards.

ELMO cards

“Enough! Let’s Move On” Everyone has been in a meeting where someone went on too long and it was difficult to interrupt. An ELMO card is a friendly, visual sign that shows you get the point and are ready to move on. This is a great facilitation technique for any workshop or meeting, online and in person! Each package contains 5 sets of cards.

  • Each set contains 24 ELMO cards in four colors.

The Supercards were designed by the dazzling Alfred Boland.


Other versions and varieties

A4 – Print your own A4 version of the Supercards! These are great for co-located meetings with one (or more) remote participants who can’t read the card version. 🙂 Simply hold up one of the A4 cards to the screen – they’ll be able to read it for sure!

Mobile – Stephen Walker of See Think Do created  a mobile MVP version of the Supercards for those who want to use their phone. Thank you Stephen!

Supercards in the Wild

Are you using Supercards in your online meetings? Send us your pictures! We love to see fun, productive online meetings in action!