Become the CEO of Your Own Life With Beat Buhlmann


Name: Beat Buhlmann Talent: General Manager for EMEA at Evernote Based in: Zurich, Switzerland Channel:   Beat Buhlmann is the General […]

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Design Sustainable Remote Systems With Nenad Maljković


Name: Nenad Maljković Talent: Cultural creative, network entrepreneur and permaculture designer Based in: Zagreb, Croatia Channel:   Nenad Maljkovic is a cultural […]

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Don’t Wait To Start Living


  Name: Andy Willis Talent: Facilitator, Coach, and Mentor Headquarters: New South Wales, Australia Superpower: Aging Immunity Channel:   Andy Willis […]

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Work From The Beaches of Tobago With Rohan Smith


  Name: Rohan Smith Talent: Senior Software Developer Headquarters: Trinidad and Tobago Superpower: Coast manipulation Channel:   Rohan Smith is a […]

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Align Your Remote Team In ScrumDo With Marc Hughes


  Name: Marc Hughes Headquarters: Boston, USA Website: Superpower: Aligning the team   ScrumDo is a tool that supports […]

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How To Hire Offshore With Bart Van Loon


Name: Bart Van Loon Headquarters:Belgium Website:Zeropoint Superpower:Bringing together businesses from Europe, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka   Bart Van Loon is […]

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Build Trust Using “Pair Collaboration” With Tom Howlett


Name: Tom Howlett Headquarters:United Kingdom Superpower:Pair collaboration   Tom Howlett is a Developer and Agile Coach at Lean Tomato […]

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Use Tools And Increase Productivity With Derek Scruggs


Name: Derek Scruggs Headquarters:Colorado, USA Superpower:Using a powerpack of tools     Derek Scruggs is the Vice President of […]

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A Remote Team Perspective With StarterSquad


Names: Dmitry Evseev, Tiziano Perrucci, Anna Nachesa, and Iwein Fuld Headquarters:Ukraine, Italy, and The Netherlands Superpower:Entrepreneurial business model I talk […]

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Create Big Results With Small Generous Changes With Mario Lucero


Name: Mario Lucero Headquarters:Chile Superpower:Creating big results with small generous changes     Mario Lucero is an Agile Coach in […]

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Manage Your Reputation Remotely With Per Frykman


  Name: Per Frykman Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden Website: Superpower: Enhancing your reputation   Per Frykman is a Reputation Advisor […]

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Collaboration in Space Exploration (NASA / SSERVI)


Name: Yvonne Pendleton, Ricky Guest, Ashcon Nejad, Teague Soderman Headquarters:California, USA (and the Moon) Website: Superpower:Exploring space   There’s almost […]

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Extreme Results Oriented Working with Yegor Bugayenko


Name: Yegor Bugayenko Headquarters: The Netherlands Website: Superpower: Teams as a service Operations: Founder and CTO of   […]

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Build A Company Of Entrepreneurs With Iwein Fuld


Name: Iwein Fuld Headquarters:Netherlands / UK Superpower: Entrepreneurial team building Operations: Entrepreneur and developer, Founder of StarterSquad   Iwein […]

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Writing A Book Together Remotely: Ben Linders & Luis Gonçalves


  Names: Ben Linders / Luis Gonçalves Headquarters: Tilburg, NL / Munich, DE Superpower: Asynchronous communication Operations: / […]

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Become More Agile With Remote Collaboration With Fredrik Wiik


Name: Frederik Wiik Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden Superpower: Getting value from product development efforts, which includes time to market and business […]

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Remote Technical Support With Laura Rooke


  Name: Laura Rooke Headquarters:California, USA Superpower:Remote technical support and being a great Mom!   Laura Rooke is one of […]

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