Become the CEO of Your Own Life With Beat Buhlmann


Name: Beat Buhlmann Talent: General Manager for EMEA at Evernote Based in: Zurich, Switzerland Channel: swiss-pdp-approach.com   Beat Buhlmann is the General […]

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Measure Collaborative Intelligence With Collabogence


Peter Smit Talent: Founder Based in: Toronto, Canada Channel: peter@collabogence.com   Peter Smit is the Founder at Collabogence, a company that […]

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No One Is Ignored With Sociocracy


  Name: Jerry Koch-Gonzalez Talent: Program Director Headquarters: Massachusetts, USA Superpower: Equality inducement Channel: sociocracyconsulting.com   What’s special about Jerry Koch-Gonzalez’s meetings is […]

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Virtual Fitness Training With Jeff McMahon


    Name: Jeff McMahon Talent: Personal trainer Headquarters: Ohio, USA Superpower: Shapeshifting Channel: tbc.fit   Jeff has been a trainer for almost […]

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Be Transparent And Never Lie With David Mansilla


    Name: David Mansilla Headquarters: Kitchener, Canada Website: isucorp.ca Superpower: Visibility   David Mansilla is the CEO of ISU Corp, a 100% remote […]

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Give Teams Time To Breathe With Clare McNamara


Name: Clare McNamara Headquarters: Plymouth, UK Website: GlobalTeamCoaches.com Superpower: Empowering teams to overcome their own obstacles   Clare McNamara is the Co-founder of Global […]

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Tranform The Way You Lead With Mariana Rego Of Leadwise


Name: Mariana Rego Headquarters: Miamia, Florida, USA Website: Leadwise.email Superpower: Disrupting corporate management   Mariana Rego is a Co-Founder of Leadwise, a new initiative […]

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Make Shift Happen With Jessie Shternshus


  Name: Jessie Shternshus Headquarters: Florida, USA Website: improveffect.com Superpower: Making shift happen   Jessie Shternshus is the Founder at Improv Effect and […]

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How To Be Efficient On The Road With Adriana Vela


Name: Adriana Vela Headquarters: Washington, United States Website: www.NanoTecNexus.org Superpower: Efficiency on the road!   Adriana Vela is the Founder […]

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Agile Collaboration Online With Lucius Bobikiewicz


Name: Lucius Bobikiewicz Headquarters: Halle, Germany Website: SpreadScrum.com Superpower: Collaborating with online spreadsheets   Lucius Bobikiewicz is a trainer for […]

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IdeaBoxes: A Management System For Innovation With Magnus Karlsson


  Name: Magnus Karlsson Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden Website: ericsson.com Superpower: Innovation management   Based in Sweden, Ericsson is a multi-national […]

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How To Scale Virtual Teams With Hugo Messer


  Name: Hugo Messer Headquarters:The Netherlands / UK Superpower:Scaling virtual teams   Hugo Messer is the CEO of Bridge Global […]

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Facilitate Distributed Agile Teams with Mark Kilby


  Name: Mark Kilby Headquarters:Florida, USA Website:markkilby.com Superpower: Virtual team facilitation   Mark Kilby’s specialties include Agile retrospectives, organizational change, […]

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Apply The Right Technology With Phil Montero


Name: Phil Montero Headquarters: Florida, USA Superpower: Thoughtfully applying the right technology Operations: Cloud Computing and Mobile Work Expert, TheAnywhereOffice.com […]

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Humanize Remote Work with Pilar Orti


Name: Pilar Orti, Director at Virtual, Not Distant Headquarters:London, UK Website:Virtual, not distant Superpower: Humanizing the virtual office   Pilar […]

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Influencing Virtual Teams with Hassan Osman


Name: Hassan Ossman Headquarters:Massachusetts, USA Website:Influencing Virtual Teams Superpower: Influencing virtual teams Operations: Senior Manager at Cisco Systems Author of […]

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Engage Remotely With Social Networks With Luis Suarez (Elsua)


Name: Luis Suarez Headquarters:Gran Canaria Website:elsua.net Superpower:Working out loud without email Operations: Chief Emergineer and People Enabler Luis Suarez lives in […]

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Become More Agile With Remote Collaboration With Fredrik Wiik


Name: Frederik Wiik Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden Superpower: Getting value from product development efforts, which includes time to market and business […]

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Being Deliberate With Onboarding And Culture With Jeremy Stanton


Name: Jeremy Stanton Headquarters: Philadelphia, USA LinkedIn Superpower: Pants! Operations: CTO and Co-Founder at Kali, LLC   Jeremy Stanton has […]

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How To Eat An Elephant With Maarten Koopmans


Name: Maarten Koopmans Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands Superpower: Eating elephants! Operations: Owner/Founder at Vrijheid.net     “Be everything from chief cook […]

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