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239 – Don’t Wait For Learning To Happen To You

TOBY NEWMAN is a Manager of Learning & Development at HERE Technologies. He develops and sustains a learning culture within […]

235 – Remote Work Is A Privilege

JAY HYETT and RUMA DAK are Delivery Coaches at Envato, a collection of themed marketplaces where creatives sell digital assets. […]

226 – All About Remote Pairing And Mobbing With Jesse Houwing

JESSE HOUWING is a trainer, coach, and tinkerer who likes to make software development fun. Jesse and I met (in […]

214 – Spice Up Your Meetings And Hack Your Culture With Meeting Spicer

DOV TSAL is an independent Agile Coach who makes organizations sharper and more effective by aligning their teams, leaders, and […]

195 – Be A Leader Worth Following

BRYAN MILES is CEO & Co-founder of BELAY, alongside his wife Shannon. A leading US-based, virtual solutions company, BELAY has […]

66 – Get Ready For The Future Of Work With Stephan Dohrn

STEPHAN DOHRN is a managing partner at Radical Inclusion. The partners at R-I live and work on three continents: Europe, […]

45 – Powerful Online Collaboration With Simple Spreadsheets

LUCIUS BOBIKIEWICZ is a trainer for distributed agile teams at in Berlin, Germany. He has managed globally dispersed teams […]

33 – Discover A Common Language With Judy Rees

JUDY REES, a former journalist and media executive based in London, U.K., is now known worldwide as a practical implementer […]

24 – How To Manage Three Remote Offices With Ralph Van Roosmalen

RALPH VAN ROOSMALEN calls himself an “innovative Agile enabler.” He is the CEO of both Agile Strides, a coaching, and […]

23 – Create Big Results With Small Changes With Mario Lucero

MARIO LUCERO is an Agile coach and experienced Scrum Master based in Santiago, Chile; he works with remote teams in […]