TOBY NEWMAN is a Manager of Learning & Development at HERE Technologies. He develops and sustains a learning culture within this global organization of just under 10,000 people. He also provides advice and support on the many different aspects of the Learning Culture through his side project as The Neverending Learner.

In this interview, we talk about how to create a culture of learning in an organization where people don’t wait for learning to happen to them. But instead, seek out opportunities to satisfy their curiosities. And he also gives great tips for improving how we learn from each other online. 

(Find Toby on LinkedIn, TEDx, and The Neverending Learner YouTube channel)


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Toby’s tips for learning and working remotely:

  • Make your online presentations interactive: one way is to use annotation. Think of ways that you can help people learn.
  • After recording an online presentation, think of the people who will be watching it later. What will be useful to your audience? Don’t just post a copy of the recording. Break the webinar into smaller pieces (“micro learning”) and tease out the important stuff (for example, people won’t want to watch random people annotating on a screen).
  • Be flexible in your skills and how you approach work/projects so that you are ready for anything.
  • Don’t wait for learning to happen to you. Be a pro-active self-developer. If you want to learn you can find endless places to do that: MOOCs, books, blogs, videos, classrooms, etc.
  • Recommended reading: Sapiens and Homo Deus.
  • There are 3 elements of creating a learning culture: be curious and create self developed learners, change mindsets from training to facilitating, and promote peer-to-peer sharing.
  • You can’t make people be self learners. But you can give them the environment to be curious and guidance for finding information.


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