TIM BURGESS is the Director at Shield GEO, a company that helps others manage and employ their international employees. Tim’s colleagues work in 9 different countries across all time zones. In this interview, he shares how they manage time zone issues, how they maintain their company values, how they promote team building, and the tips they use for hiring great remote workers.



His tips for working remotely:

  • Communication is key. Pay extra attention to how you treat people and share your ideas across the team as it starts to grow.
  • No one can see what’s in your head. Don’t assume that if you give the message once, it’s going to get through. Be deliberate with your words. Explain everything and engage everyone.
  • The biggest obstacle with time zones is not getting quick answers. Try to overcommunicate. Always make sure you give that extra bit of detail so you don’t have to wait a day.
  • Being able to work remotely is huge and workers don’t take it lightly. Managers often fear that if you can’t see an employee working, nothing will get done. When people are given the freedom to create a flexible schedule, have more time with their family and focus on other goals, they pay you back with loyalty and engagement.


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