147 – Recruit Remote Employees With Sharon Koifman of DistantJob


Sharon Koifman is the Founder and CEO of DistantJob, a boutique recruitment agency specializing in remote employees. He shares why […]

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Recruit Remote Employees With DistantJob


  Name: Sharon Koifman Talent: Founder & CEO of DistantJob Headquarters: Montreal, Canada Channel: Sharon Koifman is the Founder and CEO of […]

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No One Is Ignored With Sociocracy


  Name: Jerry Koch-Gonzalez Talent: Program Director Headquarters: Massachusetts, USA Superpower: Equality inducement Channel:   What’s special about Jerry Koch-Gonzalez’s meetings is […]

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Be Transparent And Never Lie With David Mansilla


    Name: David Mansilla Headquarters: Kitchener, Canada Website: Superpower: Visibility   David Mansilla is the CEO of ISU Corp, a 100% remote […]

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Give Teams Time To Breathe With Clare McNamara


Name: Clare McNamara Headquarters: Plymouth, UK Website: Superpower: Empowering teams to overcome their own obstacles   Clare McNamara is the Co-founder of Global […]

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Build Reputation In The Freelance Economy With Fernando Garrido Vaz


  Name: Fernando Garrido Vaz Headquarters: Lages Area, Brazil Website: Superpower: Finding the right audience   Fernando Garrido Vaz is a freelance […]

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Organize Your Distributed Team With Johanna Rothman


  Name: Johanna Rothman Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts, USA Website: Superpower: Organizing distributed teams   Johanna Rothman is a management consultant for software managers […]

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Make Shift Happen With Jessie Shternshus


  Name: Jessie Shternshus Headquarters: Florida, USA Website: Superpower: Making shift happen   Jessie Shternshus is the Founder at Improv Effect and […]

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Focus On Process, Not Tools With Ade Olonoh


Name: Ade Olonoh Headquarters: Indianapolis, Indiana USA Website: Superpower: Connecting daily tasks with long term goals   Ade Olonoh […]

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Create Horizontal Organizations With WE THINQ


Name: Christian Kreutz Headquarters: Frankfurt, Germany Website: Superpower: Flattening hierarchies   Christian Kreutz is an author, speaker, strategic advisor […]

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Team Building Adventures With Dr. Clue


Name: Dave Blum Headquarters: San Francisco, USA Website: Superpower: Team building adventures   Dave Blum runs Dr. Clue Treasure Hunts, […]

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Maximize Your Time Working Remotely With Andrea Zabala


Name: Andrea Zabala Headquarters: Cordoba, Argentina Email: Superpower: Maximizing time anywhere   Andrea Zabala is an Information Systems Engineer […]

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Get Ready For The Future Of Work With Stephan Dohrn


Name: Stephan Dohrn Headquarters: Brazil Website: Superpower: Designing virtual work spaces   Stephan Dohrn is a Managing Partner at […]

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Be a High Functioning Connected Team In a Sococo Virtual Office


Name: Mandy Ross, Carrie Kuempel, AgileBill Krebs Headquarters: The virtual office Website: Superpower: Being social and spontaneous in a […]

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Communicate Proactively And Build Culture With Brie Reynolds


Name: Brie Reynolds Headquarters: Texas, USA Website:, Superpower: Proactive communication   Brie Reynolds works with FlexJobs, creators of […]

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Helping You Tech, Better With Vanessa Shaw


Name: Vanessa Shaw Headquarters: Barcelona, Spain Website: Superpower: Helping people tech, better   Vanessa Shaw is on a mission […]

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Agile Collaboration Online With Lucius Bobikiewicz


Name: Lucius Bobikiewicz Headquarters: Halle, Germany Website: Superpower: Collaborating with online spreadsheets   Lucius Bobikiewicz is a trainer for […]

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Offshoring In Vietnam With Alexandre Cuva


Name: Alexandre Cuva Headquarters:Da Nang, Vietnam Website: Superpower:Flattening hierarchies   Alexandre Cuva is the CEO of SmartDev LLC, an […]

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How To Be A Self Organizing Remote Team With Jeffry Hesse


Name: Jeffry Hesse Headquarters:Washington, DC, USA Website: Superpower:Undercover travel   Jeffry Hesse is an Agile Coach working at Sonatype. […]

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IdeaBoxes: A Management System For Innovation With Magnus Karlsson


  Name: Magnus Karlsson Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden Website: Superpower: Innovation management   Based in Sweden, Ericsson is a multi-national […]

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Overcome The Challenges Of Outsourcing With Chris Jankulovski


Name: Chris Jankulovski Headquarters:Philippines Website: Superpower:Connecting Australia with the Philippines   Chris Jankulovski is the CEO and Founder of […]

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Embody Your Team Online With Personify


Name: Sumant Kowshik, Nick Timmons Headquarters:Chicago, USA Website: Superpower:Teleportation Tasters   I speak with Sumant Kowshik and Nick Timmons […]

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How To Hire Offshore With Bart Van Loon


Name: Bart Van Loon Headquarters:Belgium Website:Zeropoint Superpower:Bringing together businesses from Europe, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka   Bart Van Loon is […]

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Use Tools And Increase Productivity With Derek Scruggs


Name: Derek Scruggs Headquarters:Colorado, USA Superpower:Using a powerpack of tools     Derek Scruggs is the Vice President of […]

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A Remote Team Perspective With StarterSquad


Names: Dmitry Evseev, Tiziano Perrucci, Anna Nachesa, and Iwein Fuld Headquarters:Ukraine, Italy, and The Netherlands Superpower:Entrepreneurial business model I talk […]

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How To Manage Three Remote Offices With Ralph Van Roosmalen


Name: Ralph van Roosmalen Headquarters: Netherlands Superpower: Juggling three remote offices at the same time LinkedIn   Ralph van Roosmalen […]

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How To Scale Virtual Teams With Hugo Messer


  Name: Hugo Messer Headquarters:The Netherlands / UK Superpower:Scaling virtual teams   Hugo Messer is the CEO of Bridge Global […]

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The Power Of Team Agreements With Alexandre Pellaes


  Name: Alexandre Pellaes Headquarters:São Paulo, Brazil Superpower:Managing culture   Alexandre Pellaes has worked with several multinational companies in […]

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Being Deliberate With Onboarding And Culture With Jeremy Stanton


Name: Jeremy Stanton Headquarters: Philadelphia, USA LinkedIn Superpower: Pants! Operations: CTO and Co-Founder at Kali, LLC   Jeremy Stanton has […]

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Management Is A Skill, Not A Job With Dirk-Jan Padmos


Name: Dirk-Jan Padmos Headquarters: Delft, Netherlands Superpower: Managing people Operations: Hands on HR Interim Manager / HR Consultant with special […]

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