ADAM RIGGS is the CEO and founder of Frameable, building products to help the digital collaboration experience in MS Teams. Dive into the evolution of remote work as we discuss the pivotal role of digital collaboration tools, the impact of return-to-office mandates, and the secrets to fostering a thriving company culture in a fully distributed team. Discover how Frameable leverages MS Teams to its full potential and the innovative approaches to enhance your remote team’s performance.

“It’s not 2019 anymore. Embrace flexibility. Recognize that it can be a win-win for the employee and the company.”



The Remote Revolution

Adam Riggs addresses the inevitable shift towards remote work environments, and the resistance met with return-to-office mandates. He delves into the nuances of why these mandates occur and offers insights on alleviating the challenges of transitioning to a remote setup.

Best Practices for Hybrid Teams

Embracing flexibility is crucial in our post-2019 work landscape. Adam emphasizes the importance of face-to-face interactions through periodic offsite retreats. He introduces the innovative role of the Virtual Office Manager, which is vital in keeping the remote team spirit alive.

Work-Life Integration

Highlighting the substantial time savings from reduced commutes in the U.S., Adam advocates that managers prioritize employee well-being and personal time, which, in turn, enhances overall work quality.

Adam’s Jazz Corner

A passionate jazz enthusiast, Adam shares his love for the genre and suggests starting points for newcomers. From big band to bebop, he encourages everyone to start with something fun (like the big band tunes from the 20s and 30s, or the bebop era of the 50s), and experience the joy of live music somewhere in your local community.

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