Recognizing your remote team’s triumphs is important to boost morale and create strong connections, and there’s no better way to do that than by having a party. This is a great way to send your team into the new year feeling energized, motivated, and ready to do great things. Virtual team celebrations, however, can be a major source of stress because they require a little more planning.  When people work from various locations and meet online you can’t just show up to the office with cards or ‘goodies’. But this shouldn’t deter you from celebrating with your remote colleagues. Below are some tips on how you can throw an awesome holiday party for your virtual team.

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Simple, fun ways to have holiday parties for virtual teams

  • CREATE A HOLIDAY CALENDAR. Different cultures celebrate in different ways, and parties are an important part of the ritual. Get to know your workmates by knowing how they celebrate.
  • PARTY ONLINE.  Video conferencing tools are awesome these days. Getting out of work mode and connecting on a person level is important to build trust.
    • Decorate your background
    • Play games
    • Wear clothes that are in the holiday spirit
  • HAVE A VIRTUAL DANCE PARTY. Cue the music, wear a funny hat, and prepare a few party questions to get people talking. The Happy Melly team selects a DJ who plays a song and everyone gets up and boogies. The Zapier team picks “a popular song off Spotify, asked everyone in the company who was online to pull up Apple’s Photo Booth app and take a five-second video of themselves dancing, then upload it to Giphy and create a GIF of it. Then, they created a montage and posted it in the company-wide Slack channel.”

Happy Melly team virtual dance party

  • PLAY GAMES. Games are easy to play online, and an easy way to build team spirit.
  • DECORATE YOUR DESK/SPACE. Try adding decorations to your desk or space to bring out the holiday spirit.
  • WATCH A MOVIE TOGETHER. Who says you have to sit next to each other?
  • ORGANIZE A WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT EXCHANGE. Join in on the fun and surprise your workmate with a present.
  • HOST A RECIPE EXCHANGE.  A fun way to share cultural holiday cuisine.
  • COSTUME CONTEST. Just because we can’t be together in person, doesn’t mean we can’t dress up! Costumes can be a fun way to bring smiles to an online gathering. Costume contests are as easy to do online as they are in person.
  • DONATE TO A CAUSE TOGETHER. A great team-building event.
  • SEND E-CARDS. Just letting team members know that you’re thinking about them can help build the holiday spirit.

Happy Melly 2016 virtual holiday party

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