holiday party tips For Remote and Hybrid Teams

Fun and simple holiday celebration tips

The holiday season is crucial for employee engagement and morale-boosting, especially when your team is distributed across various locations.

This article focuses on tips for making your holiday celebrations impactful for remote and hybrid teams. Here are some holiday party tips for remote and hybrid teams.

Create a Holiday Calendar

Given the multicultural fabric of remote teams, create a holiday calendar that acknowledges various celebrations. This not only shows cultural awareness but also aids in fostering deeper interpersonal relationships. Inclusivity is a superpower.

Utilize Video Conferencing

Visual interactions enhance the virtual meeting experience. Whether hosting a full-scale online holiday party or sharing snippets of holiday traditions via video, this medium is a potent tool for authentic connection.

Synchronized Movie Viewing

Although unorthodox, watching a movie together online can be an enjoyable and bonding experience. Utilize screen-sharing features, synchronize movie start times, and facilitate discussion via chat. This can also be an opportunity to introduce some informal creativity, like communal popcorn-making.

Virtual Team-building Games

Consider virtual icebreakers or establish a dedicated Slack channel to share holiday photos and recipes. Online card games or virtual treasure hunts can engage team members from various locations.

Festive Attire and Backgrounds

Encourage dressing in holiday-themed clothing and decorating video call backgrounds, elevating the collective festive mood.

Gift Exchange

Virtual adaptations of traditional gift exchanges like White Elephant can add an element of surprise and amusement. Collaboration Superpowers has an ever-growing list of gift-giving ideas for remote and hybrid teams.

Recipe Exchange

Everyone has their favorite holiday dish and very likely, a story that goes with it. Send your colleagues the recipe or share some pictures or stories about your memorable meal.

Festive Workspace Decorations

Encourage team members to adorn their workspaces. This brings a tangible sense of the holiday spirit into each individual’s work environment, whether in an office or a home study.

Online Costume Parties

Physical separation need not preclude festive dressing. An online costume contest can be just as engaging as an in-person event and offers a playful break from routine.

Equitable Gift-giving Practices

Ensure that your remote employees are not overlooked in the gift-giving process. If you’re treating on-site employees to a dinner, make arrangements for your remote team members. Consider gift certificates or a budget for a “spouse’s choice” dining experience.

The Power of Collective Giving

Choosing a charity to support as a team during the holiday season can add depth and meaning to your celebrations, reinforcing shared team values.


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