RONNY LEBER is a renowned keynote speaker, stadium host, and coach from Austria who has entertained 5 million people worldwide at major sporting events, corporate events, and seminars. As a host and anchorman, Ronny has spent over 1,500 hours on live television. In this interview, we discuss improving your online presence. Specifically, how to present on video to connect with your audience and garner respect, give great presentations, and take care of yourself when you’re in the spotlight.



Tips for improving your online presence

Presenting on video has become an integral part of our professional lives, whether it’s delivering a keynote address, hosting a virtual event, or conducting online seminars. But how can you connect with your audience, exude confidence, and leave a lasting impression? To answer these questions, we turn to Ronny Leber, a well-renowned keynote speaker, stadium host, and coach from Austria. With his extensive experience in entertaining millions of people and spending hours on live television, Ronny shares valuable insights on improving your online presence and excelling in the virtual spotlight.

Tip 1: Building Trust with Your Audience

One effective way to establish trust when presenting on video is by using and showing your hands. This simple gesture adds authenticity and a personal touch to your presentation, helping your audience feel more connected to you. You can create a stronger bond with your viewers and enhance their trust in your message by showcasing openness and transparency.

Tip 2: Interacting with Remote Participants at Live Events

Creating an engaging experience for remote participants is paramount in the era of virtual events. Ronny suggests several strategies for effective interaction. Highlighting remote participants, encouraging chat interactions, and designating facilitators for different virtual rooms all contribute to a more inclusive and immersive experience. Furthermore, paying attention to production value, such as music, lighting, and overall presentation quality, adds professionalism and captivates both live and virtual audiences.

Tip 3: Key Components to Look Great on Video

Looking great on video involves more than just having a captivating message. Ronny emphasizes vital components that contribute to a powerful visual presence:

  1. Eye Contact: Instead of focusing on the screen, maintain eye contact by looking directly into the camera. This helps establish a personal connection with your audience and ensures their undivided attention.
  2. Body Language: Sit actively and use your hands while speaking. This conveys energy, engagement, and enthusiasm, making your presentation more dynamic and memorable.
  3. Voice Projection: Project your voice through your entire body, not just the microphone. This amplifies your message and adds depth and impact to your delivery.
  4. Lighting and Background: Ensure proper lighting that illuminates your face well. A distracting background can steal the focus away from you, so choose a setting that complements your presentation and keeps the attention on your message.

Tip 4: The Rise of Hybrid Events

Hybrid events, blending in-person and virtual experiences, have emerged as the future of gatherings. Ronny highlights the importance of addressing live and virtual audiences to create a seamless and inclusive event. Integrating virtual participants into the live event can maximize engagement and deliver an exceptional experience for all attendees. The accessibility and reach of hybrid events make them an invaluable platform for connecting with a broader audience.

Tip 5: Elements of Great Presenting

To deliver impactful presentations, Ronny advises focusing on three key components:

  1. Physiology: Pay attention to how you hold your body and present yourself when you’re at your best. Adopting a confident and poised physical presence can effectively convey your message and captivate your audience.
  2. Focus: Focus on the experience you want your audience to have. You can shape their perception and drive your message home by channeling your energy and intention toward creating a valuable and memorable experience.
  3. Language: Be mindful of the language you use when addressing others and talking to yourself. Positive and empowering language sets the tone for your presentation and influences your mindset and confidence.

Tip 6: Take Care of Yourself

Ronny reminds us that maintaining peak performance doesn’t mean sacrificing self-care. To sustain your abilities in the long run, prioritize your physical and mental well-being. Find balance, practice self-care, and recharge to ensure that you can consistently deliver impactful presentations and connect authentically with your audience.


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