This episode delves into virtual learning with KASSY LABORIE, a renowned Virtual Learning Expert. Kassy specializes in developing trainers and virtual classroom strategies to create engaging and interactive online events. We explore her practical tips and advice for improving virtual training, meetings, and webinars, as well as her recently released book, “Interact And Engage! 75+ Activities for Virtual Training, Meetings, and Webinars.” Join us as we uncover the key ingredients for successful virtual experiences.



Kassy’s Tips for Engaging Virtual Events

Designing interactive events

  • Kassy’s mantra for designing interactive events is to constantly ask, “What did I just say or do that you could have said or done?” This approach ensures audience engagement and participation.
  • As a facilitator, Kassy emphasizes the importance of focusing on the value delivered to the audience, ensuring their needs are met throughout the virtual event.

Enhancing your virtual presence

  • Important aspects for looking good on camera during virtual events include
    • maintaining eye contact with the camera when speaking to people
    • positioning the camera at eye level, and
    • paying attention to lighting.

Embracing technology

  • Kassy encourages individuals to become comfortable with the technology used in virtual events. By incorporating technology into low-pressure contexts, one can become proficient and confident in using the tools. “Learn the tech. Use the heck out of the tech. Get over the tech.

Deliberate meetings and inclusion

  • Kassy emphasizes the need for deliberate meetings by questioning the purpose and desired outcomes before scheduling them. She advocates for inviting participants to be part of the learning, process, and team. This fosters a sense of belonging and engagement.


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