We each have different needs when it comes to productivity. Some prefer a quiet space on their own, while others thrive with people around. Some like going to the office, while others prefer to work on the road. Whether you work from home, a cafe, or a co-working hub, what’s most important is that you’re able to get work done. In this SuperPower Hour, I highlight a variety of different virtual offices.


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Useful gadgets

  • Chatlight – portable lighting.
  • Sidecar – attach your tablet as a second monitor to your laptop.
  • GeChic-2501H – 15.6″ portable monitor with HDMI, VGA inputs.
  • Jabra Speak 410 – portable USB conference speakerphone
  • Rocketbook – Intelligent, reusable notebook
  • EverBlock Systems – “Life-Sized Modular Building Block That Allows You To Build Nearly Anything” (if they can block sound, it could be a great solution for loud open offices).
  • Anti-fatigue mat – For your standing desk – “Cushioned terrain drives subconscious movement – unlike distracting treadmills & balance boards.”

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