People and companies are going remote for different reasons. This Superpower Hour episode tells the stories of why we go remote. From multi-nationals to freelancers, what motivates us to leave the office? And there are a few tips for how to go remote sprinkled in.

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This Superpower Hour features stories from:

  • Tom Howlett – COO at River Agency. Formerly at Lean Tomato, a small company that transitioned naturally from colocated to remote.
  • Ade Olonoh – Chairman and Founder at Formstack, a large company that made the decision to transition from being colocated to remote years ago.
  • Rohan Smith – A Jamaican born software developer living in Trinidad & Tobago. He is an entrepreneur at heart and founder of the Remote Software Developer Community where he helps software developers make the transition to remote work.
  • Erin Thomas Wong – CEO and Founder at Making Mumpreneurs, a company dedicated to empowering mums to build businesses through information, tips, and inspiration.
  • Peter Smit – Founder at Collabogence, a company that helps measure how well your teams are collaborating and how productive they are.


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