Online meetings have a bad reputation for being full of technical problems, strong personalities, going in too many directions and having unengaged participants. In this episode, I give my favorite tips for hosting great online meetings.




 Facilitation tips and techniques

  • Tools for remote teams
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  • Virtual icebreakers – great ways to break the ice during any online meeting.
  • 11 tips for hosting problem free online meetings (blog)
  • Live In Greatness Core Protocols – a way of checking in with people before and during a meeting.
  • E.L.M.O. – ELMO stands for “Enough! Let’s move on.” Everyone has been in a meeting where someone went on too long and it was difficult to interrupt. An ELMO card is a friendly, visual sign that shows you get the point and are ready to move on.
  • Judy Rees recommends starting meetings by asking “What would you like to get out of this meeting?” It brings everyone to the here and now and focuses them on where they’re at and why they’re there.
  • Pilar Orti recommends “A long silence after, ‘Is there anything that anyone wants to say before we move on?’ is the best tool you can find for checking in.


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