WOUT HERMANS is a former digital strategy consultant, now working as the Enterprise Transformation Manager at MURAL – and – a part-time digital nomad. In this interview, we talk about how the team at MURAL works remotely, why it’s important to visualize your work, and Wout’s experiences on Nomad Cruises. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/hermanswout, https://mural.co/)


Wout’s tips for working remotely:

  • Find a group of people that you can get together and work with (in person) occasionally.
  • For team building and better communication, turn the webcam on.
  • Visualizing work can bring a new kind of alignment on the team. It helps people understand each other better.
  • Visualizing work online distributes the power to the group. Instead of one person standing at the whiteboard with a pen – in person, virtually, everyone is standing at the whiteboard with a pen. Additionally, there is a recording of the session. So instead of walking into a room and seeing a whiteboard with scribbles you don’t understand without the context, MURAL can record the session so you know how things came to be.
  • A lot of conflict comes from people not knowing what each other are doing.
  • Get your team together in person on a regular basis.
  • To create focus, try breaking your day into different parts.
  • Set boundaries for yourself so you don’t overwork.
  • Keep digital devices out of the bedroom to help improve your quality of sleep.
  • If you’re just starting out with remote working, give yourself a transition period to try things out first.


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