YASMINE ÅKERMARK is the Cofounder of Svenska Nomader, a Swedish digital nomad community, and the Founder of Sharehive, a marketplace for female entrepreneurs. In this interview she shares her tips for how to be productive on the road and learning the skills to be a remote worker.

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Her tips for being a digital nomad:

  • Being a digital nomad is not for everyone: Before quitting your job and going on the road, try it out in small steps.
  • Save up money so you have a safety net for yourself.
  • Have a routine in place and be disciplined. Learn to adjust to your circumstances.
  • Surround yourself with others who are living the same lifestyle that you are. It’s helpful to have people who understand what you are doing.
  • Working from the beach looks glamorous but it is not actually productive.
  • Social media is a great way to meet new people and build your global network.
  • Be aware of the communities you are traveling in, and contribute back to your community whenever possible.
  • Use sites like Sharehive, Upwork, Freelancer, join Facebook groups, Slack groups, and conferences to get remote experience and to learn how to collaborate with people from a distance.


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