ALI GREENE is a remote work leader, advocate, speaker, and co-author of Remote Works: Managing For Freedom, Flexibility & Focus. In this interview, Ali shares her experiences as a digital nomad and offers valuable tips for improving remote work fluency and achieving a harmonious work-life balance.

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Improving Your Remote Work Fluency

Finding Your Work Configuration

Ali emphasizes the importance of experimentation and adaptability when finding a suitable work configuration. Whether you’re a digital nomad or working from a fixed location, it’s essential to understand your boundaries and the dedication required for your work. Striking a balance between work and personal life is a constant endeavor, and Ali encourages individuals to be mindful of this ongoing process.

Because she doesn’t have a set schedule, she coordinates with her team through a weekly task that asks everyone to coordinate their collaboration moments. She and her colleagues use the following 4 questions to frame the conversation:

  1. Top priority for the week
  2. Topics we need to discuss synchronously
  3. When we’re available
  4. Things on our to-do list that we might need help with

Navigating Time Zone Challenges

One of the persistent hurdles in remote work is dealing with time zone differences. Ali acknowledges that synchronizing schedules can be a tricky task. However, she emphasizes the significance of effective communication, being on the same page, and accepting that mistakes may happen.

Remote Work Fluency and Digital Skills

Ali asserts that remote work fluency depends not solely on the physical location but also on the skill set required to thrive in a digital environment. Regardless of whether a company’s executive team decides on a hybrid or fully remote model, it is the role of managers to shape and define the remote work experience.

Redefining Co-working and Accountability

“The definition of co-worker needs to change.”

To combat the potential isolation of remote work, Ali suggests redefining the concept of co-workers. She invites friends from unrelated industries to join her for work sessions in coffee shops. This approach provides a social moment, fosters accountability, and creates a supportive environment. By expanding our definition of co-workers, we can cultivate a sense of community and enhance our remote work experience.

Embracing the Benefits of Remote Work

Remote work offers unique advantages, and Ali highlights the importance of leveraging them. Taking micro-breaks away from the screen and engaging in physical activities improves well-being and enhances remote fluency. These breaks rejuvenate the mind, promote creativity, and boost overall productivity.


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