If you want to work remotely, but you’re not sure if you’re cut out for it, than this post/episode is for you! We discuss the skill set, mind set, technology, and workspaces necessary to be an awesome remote worker. 

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Are you ready to go remote?

  • TAKE THE QUESTIONNAIRE. This questionnaire is made specially to help you determine if you are ready to go remote: https://www.collaborationsuperpowers.com/areyouready/.
  • FIND YOUR WHY. Determine the reason you want to go remote (family, travel, working from home, etc.) so that you can build a lifestyle to meet your needs.
  • ARE YOU TECH SAVVY? Successful remote workers are tech-savvy, not tech adverse. This doesn’t mean you need to know how to replace your motherboard or hack your registry file. It does mean you’re not intimidated by the prospect of figuring out why your audio isn’t working—as well as that you know where to turn if your registry file gets hacked.
  • ARE YOU AN EXCELLENT COMMUNICATOR? Especially with written communication? When in doubt, successful remote workers are willing to reach out and over-communicate.
  • CAN YOU PRIORITIZE AND MANAGE YOUR TIME? Successful remote workers have good work habits: in particular they’re organized, they’re able to prioritize, and they manage their time effectively. Ensure you have access to a productive workspace, and set clear boundaries with others regarding how you need to use it.
  • CAN YOU PROBLEM SOLVE? Successful remote workers are able to problem-solve and troubleshoot on their own—and they know when and where to turn if they need extra help.
  • ARE YOU PROACTIVE AND INDEPENDENT? Successful remote workers are self-motivated and self-sufficient.
  • ARE YOU TEAM-FOCUSED? Successful remote workers have “team-focused” work ethics; that means they are reliable, results-oriented, and highly responsive. That means you’re pleasant, collaborative, supportive, and receptive to feedback.
  • MAKE SURE YOU’VE GOT THE RIGHT TECH. Invest in high quality equipment. You want to have clear, high-bandwidth communication; in order to have that you need an awesome internet connection, a headset, and a webcam. Have a quiet, well-lit  space for audio/video calls. Take the time to learn how to use your tools! Minimize your background noise and maximize your video presence and that will go a long way for awesome remote communication.
  • FIND/CREATE A PRODUCTIVE WORKSPACE. Our workspaces play a big part in how productive we are, so we need to choose wisely—as well as to adapt as needed. If you’re working from home, many people advise having a dedicated workspace – and not having it in the bedroom.


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