LAUREL FARRER is a remote-friendly operations consultant and remote work advocate. She believes in “giving each worker the opportunity to choose the environment that inspires them best, no matter where that may be geographically.”



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Her tips for working remotely:

  • Work in the environments where you are most productive.
  • If you’re feeling stuck in one environment, try something different. For example, when Laurel needs extra motivation, she works somewhere public. Having people around can help you feel more driven.
  • Learn what you need to get your work done, and then craft a work style to meet your needs.
  • Update your management strategies. Don’t use traditional management strategies for a remote team.
  • Be intentional with your remote communication: create opportunities to share information with each other. Be articulate how and where you say/write things.
  • Create rituals to measure productivity: stand up meetings, retreats, etc.
  • Evaluate your workflows and processes regularly.
  • Be open and transparent.


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