Managing remotely is very different from managing locally – DANA KAYE is the founder of Kaye Publicity and she has plenty of experience in managing a completely remote team. She shares her experiences with management and, of course, provides plenty of helpful tips. She’s also the creator of Branding Outside the Box which helps people find their personal brand. She’s created a productivity toolkit that you can download right now:


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Her tips for working productively:

  • Eliminate time wasters. And eliminate excuses.
  • Try to make progress in small chunks. Doing something is better than nothing. Just start.
  • Use the small pockets in your day (standing in line, waiting for a meeting to start, etc). Be intentional with what you do.
  • Overworking is a constant struggle. Set up boundaries for yourself.
  • As a remote manager, take the time to care. Be mindful. For example, pay attention to tone of voice. Check in regularly. Give people the support they need.


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