JOHN RIORDAN is the Director of Support Ireland at Shopify. In this interview we discuss how to build conscious connections using video conferencing and pop-up offices, finding your cadence and socialize when working from home, how to manage the feeling of being always on, and tips for managing remote teams. (

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His tips for working remotely:

  • Operate in small teams. When you’re working alone all day (from home or wherever) you need a sense of connection. Working in tight-knit groups of  8 to 10 gives you a feeling of working together as a unit.
  • Socializing is important in avoiding the potential risk of loneliness that remote work comes with. If you’ve gone a few days where you have chatted with anyone outside of your “ecosystem” or company, arrange to meet someone for a coffee.
  • When you’re being trusted, the hardest thing to do is to self-regulate and stop working. Remember that there will always be tomorrow. Turn off your notifications or even remove apps such as Slack from your phone on weekends.
  • Remember that you have to be comfortable in the place you choose to live. Don’t go and live somewhere you wouldn’t be happy being unemployed.
  • Be very mindful of the organization and type of role you want in a company. Learn what the company’s ethos is on remote working. If you can, ask someone who is currently working there or who has worked there in the past.


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