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JACK BERGLUND (@itsontheroadmap) is the Chief Product Officer at Doodle, an app that helps you decide on meeting times and places. Doodle works with team in four different offices. Jack dives into what they struggle with, the skills needed for remote leadership, tips for dealing with culture, and advice for remote team building.


His tips for working remotely:

  • To build relationships with remote colleagues, try reaching out for no reason at all… just to say hello.
  • If you’re working in a place with a lot of background noise, use a noise canceling headset (and cancel out the background noise).
  • If you work from home and find yourself getting lonely, try meeting up with someone else in the same situation and share/trade a home office space.
  • With teams who are in very different time zones, share the pain of working early or late.
  • It’s good to meet your team mates in person at least once (early in the project if possible).
  • In a hybrid meeting, when a remote person and an in person start speaking at the same time, favor the remote person.
  • Remember to communicate accidental “bump into each other” decisions back to your remote colleagues.
  • Be transparent and open in your communication to keep everyone in the loop with what’s going on (e.g., keep Slack channels public instead of private).
  • If you are managing people who are located in various offices, travel to meet them in person occasionally (Doodle employees are encouraged to work in another office one week per year).
  • Treat people well and be curious about them. Don’t overstate the differences on your remote team.


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