We’ve reached Episode 300 on the Collaboration Superpowers podcast! In this episode, we highlight six of the best conversations from the last 50 interviews (episodes 250 – 299).


Featuring (in order of appearance):

  • Rebecca Seal (Episode 274) – Author of How To Work Alone And Not Lose Your Mind. After experiencing burnout firsthand and not having anywhere to turn to for help, Rebecca began writing this book 6 years before the global pandemic changed the way we do our work. In this highlight, we focus on how to make working remotely sustainable by asking ourselves “Am I being a terrible boss to myself? What do I want my life to look like?”
  • Carlos Valdes-Dapena (Episode 276) – Founder of Corporate Collaboration Resources, a group effectiveness consulting firm and author of Virtual Teams: Holding the Center When you Can’t Meet Face-to-Face. In this highlight, we focus on what good collaboration means and looks like – and what it is not. How does collaboration create more value than the sum of our efforts.
  • Darren Murph (Episode 285) –  Head of Remote at GitLab and author of Living The Remote Dream,’ GitLab’s Remote Playbook, as well as ‘iPad Secrets’ and ‘iPhone Secrets’. GitLab is a company that works “handbook first”. In this highlight, we focus on how they onboard remote employees from all over the world.
  • Dan Manian (Episode 257) – CEO at Donut, a tool that pairs up team members who don’t know each other well. In this highlight, we focus on team building and how do we know if our efforts are working or not.
  • Karin Reed (Episode 298) – On-camera communications expert, CEO at Speaker Dynamics, and author of Suddenly Hybrid. In this highlight we focus on how hybrid meetings, when done well, can actually be better than online or in person.
  • Rowena Hennigan (Episode 270) – Remote work skills specialist at RoRemote, a lecturer at Technological University Dublin, and the author of Better Breaks For Remote Workers: Gentle Exercises To Recharge. In this highlight, we focus on how to create a self-care plan that allows for a sustainable work-life balance.


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