PAUL MCKINLAY is the Vice President of Communications & Remote Working at Cimpress & Vistaprint. In this interview, we discuss how Cimpress & Vistaprint transitioned from being “remote averse” into being a “remote first” company.

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Interview highlights

Cimpress re-evaluated many systems, tools, and processes to make it work for a “remote first” way of working rather than an “office first” way of working.

The “head of remote” position was created to focus on transitioning the company to being “remote first” and ensuring that there is equity and fairness amongst all employees.

The goal leadership gave was to make remote-first a “towering strength of our culture and our competitive advantage”.

They encourage people to work in the place that they are most productive.

They’ve established an “events team” to be more deliberate about bringing people in the company together in new and unique ways.

There are a small number of team members who are focused on onboarding new hires, learning & development, and the skills needed for writing documentation.

Culture was never based on a piece of real estate. As a global company with offices all over the world, the culture came from the mission and employee value proposition that they create.

The company is committed to remote and continuously runs experiments to show that they are serious about remote and want to build work-life harmony.

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