Improving Your Hybrid Collaboration

July 13, 10:00—12:30CEST
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Sarika Kharbanda
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There is more to a successful remote team than just attending meetings and completing tasks. In order to create a collaborative workplace online, we have to focus on different things to combat the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality, and increase that sense of team.

Different challenges being faced today by hybrid teams include

  • Team alignment
  • People feeling left out
  • Perceived work productivity
  • Us vs Them mentality
  • and many more

In this highly interactive and engaging workshop, You will learn and explore:

  • Why agreements are so important and practice creating one for results and clear expectations ?
  • How to reduce the meetings you need and exponentially improve the meetings you have ?
  • Understand and make the best of timezones
  • How to work out loud to make your work visible to your whole team
  • How to better collaborate online
  • How to build trust and alignment and increase camaraderie online
  • The shift in mindset from time-oriented to results oriented way of working
  • Tips for team building at a distance
  • Coaching Tips from Trainers experience from the Trenches
  • immediately actionable tips and techniques using tools

We acknowledge that not everything is replicable online. However, we enable safe spaces to become curious and experiment with different ways that you can make the most of connecting and collaborating online, offline, in the same physical workspace or blended!

Online session time:

1000 - 12300 CEST / 1330 - 1600 IST / 1600 PM - 1830 SGT

Who Should Attend ?

  • Managers, Coaches, Facilitators, Scrum Masters, Iteration Leads working with remote colleagues in an online / hybrid
  • Managers, Trainers and Coaches seeking to make hybrid meetings super-productive
  • Managers, Trainers and Coaches seeking to get the most engagement and interaction from their participants in online / hybrid meetings
  • People with an experimental mindset and a willingness to try new things in a hybrid context
  • Team members who are enthusiastic about bringing the right balance between meetings and their work

Online session pre-requisites:

  • Good internet connection
  • Headset
  • Webcam

Minimum participants to confirm a session: 5

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