Name: Lily Snyder
Talent: COO at Doghead Simulations
Headquarters: Georgia, USA
Channel: dogheadsimulations.com


Lily Snyder is the COO at Doghead Simulations, a company that is creating virtual reality software for remote teams. Their team works from the US, Brazil, and New Zealand, but they meet every day in virtual reality. Their virtual office (called rumii) looks like a corporate lobby with a view out of a virtual window overlooking a mountain vista. To join a meeting, you simply walk down the hallway to a meeting room. Once in the room, you can pull up a web browser or work on a whiteboard, and collaborate with your team (just like you would do in “real life”).

Her tips for working in virtual reality:

  • Give new technologies a try. Sometimes you have to try it to really “get it”.
  • Take regular breaks to stay productive.
  • Use a mix of both real world and virtual world tools: paper and pen, and virtual sticky notes.

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