Mark Kilby

Mark Kilby
United States of America
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With over two decades of experience in agile principles and practices, Mark Kilby has cultivated more distributed and dispersed teams than collocated teams.  He has consulted with organizations across many industries and coached teams, leaders, and organizations internally. 

Mark shares this experience in his latest book with Johanna Rothman - From Chaos to Successful Distributed Agile Teams: Collaborate to Deliver

Mark also co-founded a number of professional learning organizations such as Agile Orlando,  Agile Florida, Virtual Team Talk, and the Agile Alliance Community Group Support Initiative among others.  His easy-going style helps teams learn to collaborate and discover their path to success and sustainability.  Read his most recent articles on

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Attendees feedback

Melanie Sexton,Sonatype / Design-Strategy-Research-Narrative

Mark Kilby is an excellent facilitator. I learned so much from him during his time at Sonatype and recommend him for any discussion, session, or event that is on facilitating meetings or Agile methodology. Be prepared to be blown away - Mark has so much knowledge and years of experience - everybody learns from this master.

Doc List,Business Agility Consultant, Enterprise/Team/Agile Coach, & Exceptional Trainer

Mark is one of the rare ones who combines a variety of experiences and skills. In each engagement, he brings all of those tools to play, providing exceptional value and a unique experience. I look forward to working with Mark again and again.

Dr. Christopher Avery,The Responsibility Company, CEO & Founder

Mark is an amazing collaborator, coach, and mentor who also happens to have deep expertise in software development and agile leadership. He patiently coached me through my first few Scrum adoptions. In his role as Rally's external coaching advocate, Mark patiently shepherded me through many client engagements. He's exceptionally empathic, compassionate, and stands for impeccable honesty and integrity.

Evan Campbell,Tech Executive, Entrepreneur, Management Consultant

Mark is an unusually good coach and adviser. He combines tremendous practical experience in a range of software and product development competencies with a great level of human insight and awareness of cultural and organizational strengths and weaknesses. Mark has mastered the technical competencies of lean and agile processes, the complexities of organizational transformation at every level, but perhaps his greatest gift is his rare level of empathy and intuition based on his sincere interest in the well being of those he works with and influences. I've gained much from working with Mark and recommend him for any role that requires technical mastery and principled leadership.

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