Work Together Anywhere

A Handbook on Working Remotely — Successfully — for Individuals, Teams, and Managers


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How to Use This Book
Foreword by Jurgen Appelo

PART I—Setting the Scene: Some of the Who, What, Where, and Why of Remote Working
Chapter 1. Setting the Scene: Why Are Individuals Going Remote? Workplace Flexibility
Chapter 2. How Remote Working Benefits Employers

Frequently Asked Questions
At a Glance: How to Replicate Online the Benefits of Working On-Site

PART II—How Individuals Can Work Remotely Successfully
Chapter 3. Remote Working 101—Getting Started
Chapter 4. Remote Working 201—Perfecting Your Game

Questionnaire for Individuals: Are You Ready to Work Remotely?
Convincing Your Boss (or Team)
Seeking Remote Employment
FlexJobs List: 100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs in 2018

PART III—Successful Remote Teams 101: Hiring and Transitioning
Chapter 5. Hiring Remote Workers and Teams
Chapter 6. Transitioning Toward the Remote Option

Cheat Sheet: What to Look for When Interviewing a Remote Worker—Plus Sample Questions for Assessing a Candidate

PART IV—Successful Remote Teams 201: Managing
Chapter 7. Commit and Lead, Trust and Succeed
Chapter 8. Facilitate Their Success with Leadership, Alignment, and a Full Arsenal
Chapter 9. Tune Your Team with a Working Agreement
Chapter 10. Bring It All Together

Manager’s Action Plan
Remote Team Agreement: Instructions & Template
Tips for Online Meetings: Facilitators
Tips for Online Meetings: Participants

Conclusion: Doing Great Things Together


Technology & Tools
For Further Reading/Listening/Consultation
Work Together Anywhere Workshop


"Remote working, flexible working, smart working … just the explosion of jargon is a key indicator of the socioeconomic shift which signals the mass-market need for this book…. [I]f I could reach back through time and hand my early-millennial self a copy of Lisette Sutherland’s new book Work Together Anywhere, it would have been a priceless gift…. [It’s] a really comprehensive manual of checklists, considerations and questions … [a book] to dip in and out of regularly, taking pride of place on any workspace bookshelf - wherever it is."

—Maya Middlemiss: “Universal Collaboration: A Review of Work Together Anywhere by Lisette Sutherland,” April 23, 2018, LinkedIn Pulse

"Absolutely amazing. The interviews shed light on the realities of what it takes to work remotely and the author's authentic voice pulls you in and takes you on her journey with her. This is a unique book that's tapped into a niche market that's only continuing to grow. Bravo, well done. I highly recommend it for anyone who cares about remote working and doing it well!"

Amazon Customer: “Absolutely amazing. The interviews shed light on the realities of…” April 29, 2018, Amazon review
Lisette Sutherland

About the author

Lisette Sutherland is a public speaker, workshop leader, entrepreneur, and virtual virtuoso. She is the director of Collaboration Superpowers, a company that helps people work together from anywhere through online and in-person workshops. Her Collaboration Superpowers podcast was deemed among the Best Remote Work Podcasts by Workplaceless and one of 6 Best Productivity Podcasts for Your Team by Hive. She lives in the Netherlands and works anywhere there’s a digital connection.

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