PETER SMIT is a global thought leader in collaboration with 35 years of global experience across multiple industry sectors. He is also the Founder & CEO of Collabogence Inc. This analytics startup combines workplace analytics with people analytics to provide insights into the impact of workplace changes on the effectiveness and productivity of people. He was interviewed on the CS podcast in September 2017 to discuss measuring collaborative performance. But now, we’ve had the pandemic! And Peter has measured 50K people and over one billion interactions. He returns to the podcast to discuss what the data can tell us about collaboration on remote, in-person, and hybrid teams.


Measuring Collaborative Performance

Measuring productivity in a remote work setting can be challenging, but tracking collaborative performance is critical. Focus on factors like the strength of relationships and reciprocity among team members to gauge how effectively they collaborate.

Structured Hybrid Approach

Consider adopting a structured hybrid work model to balance remote and in-office work. Designate specific days for teams to be present in the office, ensuring the right people are together for enhanced collaboration while allowing remote work flexibility. Having the right people in the office on designated days is essential to maximize collaboration. Having the wrong people together does nothing to foster collaboration.

Prioritize Mental Health and Engagement

Recognize the impact of remote work on mental health and engagement. Consider how remote work might affect employees’ well-being and job satisfaction, and factor these into decisions about returning to the office.

Value Expertise and Sharing

Foster a culture that values and encourages sharing expertise. Create an environment where team members feel comfortable sharing their knowledge and experiences, preventing the duplication of efforts and promoting efficient problem-solving.

Collect Comprehensive Data

Explore ways to collect comprehensive data on collaboration and behavior patterns. Consider integrating self-reported data with actual behavioral data to gain deeper insights into how employees collaborate and interact, enabling better-informed decisions about remote work strategies.


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