PILAR ORTI and MAYA MIDDLEMISS of Virtual, Not Distant have written a book called “Thinking Remote. Inspiration for Leaders of Distributed Teams.” In this interview, we talk about why they wrote the book and we dive into the content of 5 of the 13 chapters.

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Their tips for leaders of distributed teams:

  • When thinking about working out loud, think about “How much information is too much information? At what point are we just feeding the ‘look what I’ve done’ mentality?”
  • Be deliberate about how we’re using technology to construct something that will actually help our teams. Ask yourself how your team interacts and design your space for those interactions.
  • Experiment with holding the silence when there are awkward pauses in online meetings.
  • To show frustrations, you first have to show that you care. In order to build those close relationships, we have to work at it and put the attention and resources in.
  • Don’t just think about our day to day tasks on teams, but also how we can structure the work to help people get to know each other better.



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