LAURA FREW is a Partner at HolacracyOne, a company that promotes self-management practices for organizations. They are also 100% remote! I talk to Laura about how HolacracyOne works, their quarterly retreats, their non-management practices, hiring and firing people, and how they manage their time.


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Her tips for working remotely:

  • If you’re a new remote worker, figure out what you need to set yourself up for success. But remember, don’t be afraid of experimenting.
  • Flexibility can be both liberating and challenging. Having the freedom to create your own schedule is a wonderful thing. Somedays you may be able to enjoy your morning time, work a bit, do something else you like and then work some more. It’s really important to manage your time so you don’t suddenly find yourself overloaded.
  • Know your personality type. If you’re easily distracted by the things happening around you, make sure you create an environment that’s suitable for getting the deep work done.
  • Set Boundaries. Not everyone understands what remote work is and may think you’re not busy because you’re not in “the office”. In order to get the space and respect you need to get your work done, it may be necessary to create a physical barrier, such as a door, to let people know that you’re not available.


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