In the “Up and coming tools” series, I highlight a few tools that looked particularly interesting and great for the remote community. This week’s episode features:

  • EverBlock Systems – “Life-Sized Modular Building Block That Allows You To Build Nearly Anything”.
  • BlueJeans video conferencing– “interactive, two-way video for teams of any size”. Works great.
  • Sococo virtual office – Sococo is an actual virtual office where you can meet and work with your remote colleagues online. The intro video is worth watching and it’s easy to try out. (check out the interview)
  • Kubi – The Revolve Robotics Kubi allows you to beam in and move yourself from side-to-side and up-and-down. (check out the interview)
  • Lucid Meetings – helps you schedule times, send calendar reminders, agree on an agenda, log action items, gather user feedback, and use or create your own meeting templates. 

For a complete list of great tools for remote teams, visit collaborationsuperpowers.com/remote.


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