154-DesignSustainableRemoteSystems[x]Name: Nenad Maljković
Talent: Cultural creative, network entrepreneur and permaculture designer
Based in: Zagreb, Croatia
Channel: transitionnetwork.org


Nenad Maljkovic is a cultural creative, network entrepreneur and permaculture designer who work works with a global organization of remote volunteers. He also wrote the Virtual Team Quick Guide which outlines a series of principles for virtual working. We talk about what they struggle with and how they make remote working more comfortable for themselves.

His tips for working remotely:

  • When deciding how to work together, start with the tools people already know how to use. Focus on how to make working together enjoyable.
  • Video calls are precious: “far from the eyes, far from the heart.”
  • Any form of synchronous communication is better than asynchronous communication.
  • Manage your distractions.
  • Blog: Virtual Teams for Systemic Change: How to make both work?
  • Read the Virtual Team Quick Guide

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