When we work remotely, our performance is rated more on the quality of the work we produce rather than how much time is spent producing it. If this is the case, creating a space that is conducive to productivity is essential AND…entirely up to the individual to figure out.

Remote workers have the freedom to structure their days in a way that (hopefully) allows for a better work-life balance. But finding a time and a place that supports a high level of deep focus takes time and experimentation.

Work-life fusion can be tricky, not only for the worker but also for everyone around who may not understand that being home doesn’t mean we’re not busy. In order to get our tasks done, it’s essential to set boundaries with the people we live with so they know when we’re “at work” and when we’re not.

Below are some tips on how to separate your work and play when everything happens in the same place in order to achieve maximum productivity, fill in the form below.

Tips for setting boundaries when working at home


  • IT’S UP TO YOU. Setting our boundaries is in our own hands. We are responsible for our own needs. That’s what makes it so difficult!
  • CREATE A DEDICATED SPACE FOR WORKING. Many people advise creating a dedicated workspace where you are not in the path of other people. A dedicated space also helps separate home and work.
  • USE SEPARATE DEVICES. If you want to take separating home and work one step further, use a different device for work than for relaxing. For example, I use my laptop for work and my iPad for watching movies.
  • SET YOUR WORKING HOURS. If you can, set the hours where you will be working, and then manage your time. This helps partners or housemates know when you will or won’t be available. And don’t forget to set time off! It’s productive to take breaks.
  • SET EXPECTATIONS. Let your guests and family know what you need during your work hours.
  • DON’T BE OVERLY AVAILABLE. You don’t have to respond to that email in realtime.
  • PRACTICE SAYING NO. Practice prioritising your time and focusing on what’s important. Here are some great ways to say no.
  • HAVE A START-UP & SHUT DOWN RITUAL. This helps get your body into a routine that separates work from home.


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