In the “Up and coming tools” series, I highlight a few tools that looked particularly interesting and great for the remote community. This week’s episode features



  • The Team Canvas  – “business model canvas for teamwork.”
  • Sli.do  – “live Q&A, polls and slides for your meetings and events.”
  • Zoom.us – a Collaboration Superpowers favorite. Simply one of the best video conferencing tools out there. You can see all your colleagues on one screen, share screens and annotate together, breakout into smaller groups, and record the whole thing. Throw Skype For Business out the window and hop on Zoom. Seriously.
  • Kudobox.co – an easy way to say thank you online. A Collaboration Superpowers favorite!
  • Rescue Time  – “tracks time spent on applications and websites, giving you an accurate picture of your day.”


For a complete list of great tools for remote teams, visit collaborationsuperpowers.com/remote.


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