Name: Luis Suarez
Gran Canaria
Working out loud without email
Chief Emergineer and People Enabler

Luis Suarez lives in Gran Canaria. We discuss how he works on virtual teams and networks socially online.

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That working model of transparency or openness, of collaboration, of knowledge sharing just for the sake of knowledge sharing without protecting or hoarding your knowledge, is all about using those as benefits in terms of how you accelerate your business. It also transforms the way we work so work is no longer top-down driven. So basically, through social networks, you see how work shifts from that traditional top-down hierarchy into that more network driven in terms of how you actually do your work where people naturally have a tendency to gather around and collaborate working together.


Typically, when you leave a company, the first thing that human resources does is they delete your mailbox with the gigs of data that you have accumulated over the years. My mailbox was gone and yet, because I used the internal social network to communicate, my content was there. My legacy was there. People can look up my content, can find the conversations, they can see my networks, they can interact in my networks while I’m gone. That’s as good as it gets. From an individual perspective, that’s your legacy living beyond the point of you being there. And from an enterprise perspective, from a company perspective, the knowledge is not gone. The knowledge lives in the network which means that for employees who come and go, your legacy is intact because they transcend beyond the firewall. And therefore, the company, all of their precious knowledge that you have trapped in your mailbox is no longer trapped in your mailbox. It’s available to everyone else.


I think that we’re going to see that companies will need to become a lot more flexible and understand that they need to meet the needs of the employees to get the best quality work out of them versus “You should just be glad that you have a job with us.” I’m sorry. That doesn’t work anymore.

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