Facilitating Workshops with Microsoft Teams

February 17, 17:00—20:00CET
Corporate / Organisational
Are you curious about or is your organisation or client asking you to use MS Teams for facilitating workshops? MS Teams had a ‘bad reputation’ for online meetings in the past but has now caught up on functionality big time! Microsoft365 (includes MS Teams) provides a great integrated online environment for workshops and ongoing programmes, going way beyond a simple videocall.  

Facilitators: CHRISTINE BLOME and TINA MECKEL have used MS Teams for teambuilding, strategic planning workshops, trainings and large group conferences and are happy to share our experience with you!

Tech: For our workshop, you will NOT need your own license but will receive an invitation to be a guest in our team. Windows computers works best with Microsoft teams (surprise;) but Mac is also fine (we use all of them). 

    What will we cover? 

    Session 1:

    • How do I get into MS Teams? Which options do I have for participants of my workshops?
    • Understanding the difference of MS Teams as a collaboration tool and as a videoconferencing software (only) and combining both for great workshops
    • Setting up a great teams environment for a workshop or ongoing programme: incl. setting up channels for social interaction, parking lot, group work; setting up a flexible agenda with Microsoft Planner
    • Experiencing & setting up group work
    • Options for ‘harvesting’ / documenting

      Optional Session 2:

      • Exploring technical options for facilitation purposes in more detail
      • Visualising with MS whiteboard, Powerpoint Online with ‘post-it notes’ and others 
      • How to do set up different kinds of polls and their application in facilitating participatory processes (in-call, in between online meetings, simple polling, like/voting on votes,as brainstorming, quizzes…)
      • Experiencing participant-chosen facilitation formats, like e.g. fishbowl, open space, world café, gallery tour, liberating structures….
      • If time allows: deep dive into selected topics of interest, e.g. facilitation topics (dealing with silence, setting up group agreements, powerful questions…) or technical (going deeper with Planner, MS Forms…) 

      If there is interest, a third module could take place as a follow-up to spend more time on chosen topics. 


      We will first offer only 1 x 3h workshop, see how much we can integrate from the topics listed under session 2 and then see if there is interest in another follow-up session.


      • 17th of February 2020
      • 17-20.00 CET / 12-15.00 EDT / 9-12 PDT

      Note: please let us know if you are from Asia and interested in the course, so we could set up a course for Asian time zones in 2021. 

      Additional benefits:  Certificate of attendance + a continuous peer learning community + great fun! 

      Our motto is “Sharing is caring” – so happy to share our experience with you and and also invite all of your experience into our workshop! 

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