ABE HEWARD is a software engineer based in Arizona, USA – and such a close friend that I call him family. His company was primarily in-person before the pandemic, 100% remote during, and is currently navigating hybrid. Leadership has mandated that most people come into the office three days per week: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. In this interview, we discuss the hybrid mandate’s effect on the workforce.


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Remote and hybrid collaboration tips from Abe Heward:

  • CREATE A COMFORTABLE WORKPLACE –  Abe’s goal with his setup is to get into states of flow as quickly as possible:
    • Multiple monitors gives plenty of real estate for reference material.
    • Comfortable, ergonomic chair.
    • Adjustable standing desk to allow for movement.
    • Microphone is on a moveable stand so that he can move it towards or away from him.
    • Microphone is plugged into the headset to hear himself better. This keeps his voice relaxed in conversations.
  • TREAT PEOPLE FAIRLY – Offering some people options you don’t offer others can create an atmosphere of unfairness and absurdity.
  • MAGIC DOESN’T HAPPEN AT THE WATER COOLER – Serendipity is overrated. We are spending a lot of energy, time, and money, hoping that a serendipitous moment will pay off.
  • TRUST THAT PEOPLE WILL BE PROFESSIONAL & DO THE RIGHT THING – Mandates are unnecessary and generally do not work well. People want to decide for themselves. Trust that people will be professional and do the right thing for the company.
  • CURATE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA USE FOR HAPPINESS – Decide what makes you happy and ensure that your social media supports your mental health.


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