Collaboration Superpowers blue logoDo you want to sponsor a podcast and get the word out about your remote product? Sponsor the Collaboration Superpowers podcast!

Sponsorship includes:

  • 30 second ad at the top of the show
  • Written description that appears in the show notes of every podcast episode you sponsor.


  • 50 EUR per episode
  • 175 EUR per month (4 episodes)
  • 500 EUR per quarter (12 episodes)


  • Your product or service must be related to remote working
  • Your ad must be either recorded with a high quality microphone, or you can provide text to be read by Lisette.


The Collaboration Superpowers podcast comes out once per week (every Monday) and gets approximately 2000 downloads per month.

Listener Demographics:

  • United States – 39%
  • Germany – 11%
  • United Kingdom – 11%
  • Australia – 6%
  • Other – 30%
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